Reluctant Cupid.

Kate and Josh have signed me up involuntarily for an online dating website and appropriately named me, reluctant cupid. I’m not ready. But is there ever a time to be ready for such a thing?

It’s the new generation of blind-speed dating. I have a “dating committee.”. My brother has decided what is logically best for me and Kate has decided what my physical matches are. Together they have guessed my basic features – height, weight, eye color – managed my top 5 photos and put together a simple yet satisfying biography. Needless to say, they’re having more fun at this than I am. I am… Reluctant.

I don’t imagine that I will always be like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. I have decided that I like my eggs over-easy for example. I have managed to at least make that decision on my own. All joking aside, I know what I want with or without my brother selecting the do-and-don’t filters on a dating web application for me and just as it is online, it is in life… the filter makes it significantly slim.

We do agree on some things, no questions asked such as automatically blocking anyone who has muscle photos of themselves, tribal tattoos, is wearing an Affliction TShirt, has the name of anyone I’ve dated previously, has a screename associated with “bad” (i.e. badboi), is a cowboy, works in construction, or proudly reports that they make less money than I do. Sorry, not going there. My brother has upped the ante to go as far to say that they have to have as much education as I do as well and be able to ride a motorcycle. He also requires a passport it seems in who he is looking for as well as a dog lover. So, that significantly decreases the number of people in my 50 mile radius to about 2.

Great. Two people. Let’s add to that “must like sushi” and see how many free meals I can muster out of this ordeal during summer break.

Reluctant… But hungry.


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