First Class Dreams.

Aside from failed road trips where most stack against awkwardness as if it were a comfort zone, my memory recalls traveling with someone only once. Even then, we sat separately on the plane despite the weekend in New York. Aside from that, everywhere I have gone with my friends, despite them all being guys – I have always met them there and my traveling instances have never served as a romantic getaway by any means. More often then not – Denny, Mo, Noah – we’ve all traveled for concerts. Josh, Gannon and I have always traveled for races. Yet despite these great and fun adventures with my boys I have always wanted to curl up to someone on a plane. Since the age of 8, I have never flown next to anyone other than my Dad and have hardly flown with him. I have gone dozens of places on my own and slept against the frigid, head-banging windows thinking to myself “some day.” Some day I will go somewhere and have someone I will actually want to talk to. Some day I will take someone places I want them to see and they will show me places I have never been before. Some day I will have a shoulder to sleep on and like my Mom, I will be able to say to someone, “Wake me up if I start to snore.” 😉 The detriment of the economy to everyone’s traveling budget in combination with my distinct desire for a more reliable travel partner resulted in going nowhere for a very long time. Stagnant. Until yesterday…

Dreams come true in first class. And I am sure those people behind us were wondering if we would ever stop kissing or starring at each other. Forehead to forehead, it wasn’t even that we were in first or where we were going or what we may be doing – it was simply having him by my side, still, through everything. It is knowing that I couldn’t have been at home without him. It is knowing that he would rather I be with him – to continue taking care of me and to see me every day. Bring on the races, the concerts, the countries and the otherwise adventures…

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