A Very New York Christmas.

Coffee Break! If I can’t take my coffee break something within me dies!   If I can’t make three daily trips to a shiny shrine of daily drips and taste cardboard between my lips something within me dies!  No COFFEE! – Coffee Break, a Performance from How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

This last weekend my boyfriend, his family and I all went to New York City for a weekend on Broadway and an enchanting visit for the holiday time of year.  We photographed and window shopped through Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffanys, Macys, and Swarovski. We visited 30 Rock / Rockefeller Center at various times of the day.  We dined at Del Friscos, Sardis, and Stardust Diner.  We took a sharp turn around Serendipity’s four hour wait and enjoyed our delights at Sprinkles Cupcakes instead.  I had lunch with my Sony Music bosses where we always go, Burger Heaven.  The lunch was full of conversation and it was bittersweet to leave not knowing this time when I will be back to see them.  We spent each evening at a variety of Broadway productions – How to Succeed in Business, Jersey Boys, and Hugh Jackman’s Back on Broadway.  Each show was unique in character, entirely entertaining and absolutely comical in their own right.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Hugh Jackman auctioned off the shirt off his back for $25,000 towards Broadway’s support of the AIDS foundation.  He doubled his efforts by auctioning two shirts for double the money and photographs with him backstage for $3,000 or autographed posters for $200.  The man is a genius.  As he said, “This isn’t my first rodeo.”  I attempted to get a video of the auction for myself and a friend to swoon over later but was yelled at very New-Yorker style by an usher that I took pride in yelling right back at him.  He left, but I still deleted the video.  I probably would have gotten away with it.  Oh well.  The Playbill is still fit to print and we can all look forward to Wolverine 2 and Hugh being cast as Jean Valjean in the upcoming film production of Les Miserable (which I assume this one will be musical unlike the one with Liam and Uma, which was also good).  I cannot wait!  We stayed at Sofitel which was pristine comfort and had complimentary South African wine (perfect for our upcoming trip, we had no idea Cape Town was “wine country” until recently, it is really too bad I am not a fan of wine at all) served with dark chocolates in each room.  I enjoyed the chocolates but we had to leave full bottles of wine in both rooms and flew home much too soon to a very cold, extremely dismal and overcast Salt Lake City to do what?  I don’t know exactly.  But here we are at home none the less and I am happy to be here getting those Christmas cards sent.


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