The Vaccines (not the band).

Yesterday the whole lot of us who are going to South Africa after Christmas went to get “vaccinated” for our trip.  Having never traveled off the beaten path before, to my surprise I was not the one with the most needles in my arm, but I have been rather under the weather since.  I think I fell asleep some time around 5:30 last night hardly able to coherently keep a conversation going on the telephone.  This may have more to do with waking up at 8:00am to get the task done then the number of antibodies floating about my body.  However, I woke up about 9:30 to make one of our favorite easy dinners – Chipotle Tomato Soup and Cheese Sandwiches.  Favorite enough to deserve a proper pronoun naming.  This was JM’s first time using the Panini/Cheesy Bread maker I bought him for Christmas that ultimately became his St. Nicholas Day gift.  He bought me a camera, which we had to return because the camera I already had was still better.  Little did I know he had no plans on replacing it with the still better one.  I suppose it is my fault for letting my savvy strict budgeting ways rub off on him.  None the less, a new camera wasn’t needed and I suppose he felt gipped getting a home accessory when I got a fancy camera and all.  I hope Christmas Day will prove for less gipping.  I really did go all out on him, but I wouldn’t mark myself as the worlds greatest gift giver.  I never have.

None the less, by 1:00am it was time to revisit the bed as I was coming down with Yellow Fever again and it was time to take Oral Typhoid.  In fact, we had these fancy orange bracelets the travel nurse gave us that said just that – Remember Oral Typhoid.  I shall not forget it.  It kept me in bed, despite my nap, for another 12 hours.  Measles, Mumps, Typhoid, Hepatitis and Yellow Fever – my body felt as though it was surely coming down with… well, something!  At least I didn’t have to do Tetanus too and gosh knows what else.  JM had twice as many shots as I did but the Tetanus made his arm so sore he couldn’t get any real sleep.  My arm swelled to a comical size, but other than that no real pain ensued.

The four of us crammed in the travel nurses office, took our travel lecture as if we needed it from someone who has only been to Canada and back.  Paid her an extra $100 to tell us things we already knew and print out a bunch of things from Internet sites we’ve likely already visited.  Paid her multiple times that to stab us so we can be sick through Christmas just to avoid the possibility of not being sick through the New Year.  The only real idea I got out of it was how absolutely fantastic it would be to get food poisoning or tapeworm after overeating for the holidays so I don’t have to come home and worry about losing 25 pounds!  My vote is tapeworm as long as it is the good kind and not the brain sucking kind she warned us about.


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