Christmas-festivus Begins.

Let the Christmas-festivus begin!  JM and I have family parties to be to as of tonight (Friday) through Monday.  Tonight was the Wagner family Christmas party which we had at Julie’s house in Eagle Mountain.  I was in charge of spaetzle and German potato salad.  I think this might be the first occasion in which I have cooked either – I can’t be sure on the spaetzle.  I have bought spaetzle before but do not know if I ever was the one to actually make it.  Either way, the spaetzle was the diet of choice for the kids and the 15 pounds of potato salad was mostly consumed down to the last dish.  JM very diligently helped me make all of the dishes despite his total loss for any desire to be in the kitchen.  He has decidedly taken up any activity that may reduce the stress in my life and therefore the drama in his.  I hate to admit that, but this time of year seems to be nothing but extreme truth to that.

Tomorrow we are meeting friends and family from either side (his or mine) for a matinee of the movie Tin Tin at the nearest theater before JM’s Christmas Eve tradition with his friends – dinner and the Siguar Ros film, Heima.

Christmas Day will be quite the adventure.  We are waking hours before our usual time to be with family in North Ogden to watch the nieces and nephews open presents from Santa.  Then we are going to JM’s parents to open presents before coming back to our house to open our own presents.  Then we need to be in American Fork to visit my extended family before going back to North Ogden for a family dinner.  To paint the picture more accurately for those of you not familiar with the area from our home to North Ogden without traffic is approximately 35 to 40 minutes North, then back to our house.  American Fork is about 40 minutes South from our house which would make it then an 80 minute trip back.  However, with Christmas Day traffic I am sure these minutes may be doubled and tripled at moments.  We are not looking forward to the commute and wish that public transportation was running that day and efficient to our traveling schedule.  However, I am not sure it will matter entirely.  I think despite the Christmas Day spirit we are ultimately screwed by the “must visit everyone” schedule.  I would skip it all except that I have cousins I haven’t seen in nine years that I would die to see.  To be honest I still might just bypass it all with the promise of going to visit my extended family personally on a less rushed day even if that means traveling to surrounding states.

The day after Christmas will finally be time for my own family who so patiently has been waiting for an opening in the Christmas schedule to exchange gifts among the few of us.  I will be excited to spend just an intimate setting playing games with my nieces and nephews.  In the end all will seem merry and bright again.  I hope more than anything my brother and his wife will have a Merry Christmas in California.  I feel bad that they are stranded all by their lonesome.  I wish they could be here to spend time with us since JM and I will not be here for Christmas next year.  If anything they should enjoy their peace and quiet and save up for the hustle, bustle when they are here! 😉

Merry Christmas to all!

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