I Can Fly!

Lately I have felt a bit like Peter Pan, tumbling down the rabbit hole of new hobbies and ways of expressing myself. After wrecking the Ducati and serving my ankle and part of my left hand to the street Gods, I have not been as readily active as I was before. But after a few months of physical therapy, I came to the realization that in order to get back to where I want to be I’m going to have to grit my teeth and take the pain. The only way to avoid any pain is to remain sitting on my butt like I did in months of mandatory stagnant recovery. Problem with sitting on my butt is that my butt was getting bigger and I was becoming one of those women who, in refusing to buy new clothes, wore extra stretched out yoga pants every day to make up for the stress of putting on a pair of jeans. I did, however, grow sick of my limited wardrobe and my increasing body fat and decided that if one wears yoga pants one should start doing yoga again. Besides, yoga was not entirely different from some of the things I was forced (yes, forced) to do in physical therapy. The whole idea of physical therapy was to regain muscle and rotation in virtually every part of my left side.

At first, I tried at home. I went with Deepak Chopra’s Yoga for Weightloss video on iTunes. Although the routine is fine, I do NOT recommend it. The instructor is so annoying I have not done it since my first week of trying which I do not think has anything to do with how much it HURT. I was surprised to find out, contrary to what I assumed, that my ankle wasn’t hurting me nearly as bad as my hands! In my accident, I damaged three of my fingers pretty badly and they do not react kindly to working out. Working out causes them to warm and swell just slightly and I just haven’t grown back enough skin for that kind of movement. My hands itched and ached. My ankle was hardly better and my knee was treacherous. All in all, it was a phase in my life that sent me into tears of frustration for not being able to get my life back, my body back, or anything that I once was proud of.

Then the all-mighty sometimes life-saving Groupon sent me a coupon for anti-gravity yoga which apparently was created right here in Utah and then summoned to the popularities of New York City. After watching the “About” video on the studio’s website ( Click here to see it yourself , I was stoked at the idea that I could start regaining muscle and BALANCE without putting too much pressure on my hands, knees, and ankles. Miracle of all miracles, I was sold.

I signed up for the five classes that were offered with two of my friends thinking this would be great for accountability. Apparently, I suck at accountability. I only attended two classes with one of my best friends, Jillian. I had to reschedule another (for good reasons) and was sick during the 4th and 5th and rescheduled one of those (missed the other completely, so now I’m down to 4 classes for the Groupon deal). Unlike the other girls, I gave myself two Intro classes to get use to the movements it did require for my recently broken parts. Each class I was able to do almost everything and if I couldn’t do it the class before, it suddenly was easy as pie by the next time I attended. My muscles were rebuilding fast and with very little effort. The classes were fun, talkative, and full of laughter unlike a traditional “Ohm” style yoga class that is concentrated entirely on your breathing efforts and holding positions (Hatha, Ashtanga, etc.). This is more of a hyped of vinyasa that leaves you feeling instantly detoxed and invigorated.

Just look at some of the positions I managed to master! The feeling was incredible. The positions were not nearly as scary as you might imagine and my sense of pride in my own abilities is healing as quickly as I am.


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