Holi llama!

This year would mark my third or maybe even fourth time at Utah’s Holi festival of colors. The weather was perfect and not as cold as previous years. This year they charged an entrance fee, had security and volunteers and the health department got involved enough to “outlaw” outside chalk. Like last year, I decided to take some newbies with me. I took my 14 year old niece, Hannah, and my Tony Stark. This was my first year actually purchasing color. Between the three of us we had fifteen bags which were emptied within thirty minutes. We participated in the 11am throwing of the color and then decided it was time to take some pictures and clean up well enough to visit the inside of the temple which was delightful with dozens of people giving their own interpretation of a celebratory dance. Afterwards, we roamed the gift shop and then we all shared a traditional Indian meal. On our way out we visited the llamas. There are many more than previous years and they seem to have learned to keep clear of the 15,000+ people who come each day. Overall, the festival was a wonderful tradition to ring in spring and now we are all completely exhausted. Tony Stark and I have a symphony performance to attend tonight. I hope we make it through without snoring.












Here’s a video to explain what the Holi festival of Colors is and how it works.  I was part of this video documentary for Colors 2011.


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