“Perseids… Are you seeing this?”

The Title is a play off the Prometheus movie trailer, if you didn’t know.  The reason the title is appropriate is entirely the fault of our great friend Jeff and his finite skill for adding a soundtrack to our lives, in real-time.

Saturday night, Shaun, Jeff, Stark and I decided at random to head to Bryce Canyon National Park for the Perseids meteor shower.  Bryce Canyon is supposedly the most optimal viewing of the night sky in the entire Northern hemisphere.  How lucky are we to be just four hours a way… or in the case of our driving, 3 hours and 20 minutes.

We took WRemiX because it’s only right to take her out into her natural 4×4 environment where she can get a bit messy among the elements while rally racing around mountain corners.  I love my car.

Upon our arrival, we were the only people at the prime viewing point and at first we thought we had missed some kind of memo for a new, better place to see the night sky.  Surrounding motels were sold out for the night and camping grounds put up signs for “no vacancy” and yet, there was no one to be found.  The temperature was nearly twenty degrees colder than we anticipated so the four of us lay on the ground, in the center of the small parking lot.  It was my idea.  The ground is usually much warmer from the heat it absorbs throughout the day but it must have been overcast for a while now because the ground was fairly icy and the only reason it seemed much better was the fact that it was out of the wind.

So we lay in complete silence and the louder the silence grew, the more I realized – adult or not – I’m scared to death of the dark sometimes!  I’ve been there during the day.  I know how just over the fence in front of us was a Grand Canyon-esque drop off fit for only two kinds of animals – prairie dogs and mountain lions.  You can guess which one I was imagining a visit from at the moment that Jeff situated his iPod to play the theme to Prometheus.

The music made it surreal. Although there was cloud cover that blocked the view of the entire night sky, the milky way looked like a three dimensional painting with every variation of blue, some purple, and white.  The stars surrounding the milky way seemed to sparkle with the greatest intensity and then, as we all lay there, one by one meteors would fly across the openings between clouds.

I couldn’t help but SHRIEK every time I saw one fly across the sky.  I am a sucker for falling stars so the idea of 40-100 per minute reduced me to hand gestures and odd sounds.  When we saw our first one that was big enough and close enough to leave a tail, streaking across the sky, I had a teenage fit.  “Did you SEE that?  Holy crap!  No, did you SEE that?”

We navigated the sky with our iOS and Android Sky maps and gazed out into a world that seemed to be obviously spinning the more you focused in one place.  The world would spin and the night would send shivers down our spines.  Before too long we were met with half a dozen Fast and Furious drifters who came blazing into the parking lot with no real idea that if they didn’t stop any time soon they’d be sky diving quite a long ways. Thankfully their ridiculous driving shocked the night with white light and noise enough to scare us all to our feet and to the side of the road in time to not create human speed bumps.  Their presence definitely disturbed our star-gazing, but thankfully they didn’t hang out too close to the spot we had chosen.

Not much longer after that, we had to start moving around in an attempt to stay warm so we played scary jokes on each other one after another, running out of the pitch black of the darkness.  Me, being the only girl, couldn’t help but scream to a point that made Stark jump out of his skin briefly and sent my adrenaline into near hyperventilation.  But come on!  No matter if you know it’s coming or not, when someone runs straight at you in the dark of the night, out of the woods, you’re going to freak out!

Still, in the midst of all our playing around we had been down there for nearly two hours when out of the center of one of the dark, looming clouds came a meteor with a tail that seemed to go two inches across the sky if you were to hold your fingers in front of your face for measurement.  The meteor lit up the entire world, giving only a momentary glimpse of all the rock formation that surrounded us before it exploded leaving a quick moment of burning residue in it’s place as if someone had held a photograph of the sky above their head and melted a hole in the center of the polaroid, exposing a ring of fire.  There was nothing that could possibly top the way that last meteor fell.  It was magnificent and entirely worth the long drive.  We let that mark the grand finale of our visit and started back home around 2:30am, arriving home around 6:30 in the morning.

There’s nothing better than having a relationship with friends and significant others that are so willing to be spontaneous and find such excitement in the beauty of our very own Universe.  We definitely have a lot of fun celebrating being here – alive, on this planet, with so many blessings and so many opportunities.  I love it!

Prometheus Soundtrack – the Main Theme of our night:  Marc Streitenfeld – Life

Prometheus Soundtrack – the scary theme of the night:  Marc Streitenfeld – Going In


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