The art of packing.

I am attempting to fit my entire life into these two small bags.

Sadly, I am one pair of shoes too shy of making it all into one, light carry on. To me, the number one rule of enjoying a vacation, is to take less of home with you. The freedom that a small pack allows is priceless. The hours of training around the EU will be no big deal when my bag is only a few pounds to one shoulder.

I learned this the hard way. I learned this after my first year working for Sony. When I flew into Newark and had to lug a purse, backup and oversized rolling death machine off a plane, onto a subway, off a subway, up flights of subway stairs while everyone is complaining about how slow you are an then through the subway turn dial if lucky. Then the embarrassing part begins as if you haven’t ready been mortified by people’s complaints. The truly embarrassing part is walking however many blocks it is from your subway stop to your hotel with your huge wheeling mess behind you, tipping with every passer by without looking flustered or lost so no one jumps you and steals everything you have. Once I had made it that far, I vowed to never do it again.

And yet, I did.

The next meeting in NYC I thought would be different. I dropped the purse and back pack for the huge wheeling 4×4 of warm clothing and promised to take a cab as to not get into another fight with the subway turn dial.

Nope. No better.

From then on it was a goal of being comfortable in every respect – comfortable clothes, shoes and luggage. How often did I wear everything I worried about anyway? And how often did I take the time to use my hair straightener anyway? I started thinking in terms of travel size so I started living by those terms.

Now, I’m just one blasted pair of running shoes shy of a duffle. And can you believe this duffle is advertised as a “weekender.” I’m gone for almost 5 weeks! I’ll show you weekend.


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