The Ace Hotel.


The Ace Hotel has been on my list of places to stay ever since I came here, to their Liberty Hall (a venue in the basement) for a private, Columbia Records showcase in October 2011 with my Sony coworkers.  At that point I heard that this small, boutique hotel featured record players in each room with somewhat of a music vibe throughout the hotel. Still, I never went inside-inside.  When we were here we were kept to the basement, to the venue and our late night events, so Curious Caz* is now back thanks to my absolutely amazing boyfriend, Stark!

We spent the first two nights here on Ziv’s couch, which was an adventure and really was fun.  But once we had some availability, we came to the Ace Hotel where we are now staying for three nights.  I was so excited!  The lobby is HUGE with vaulted ceilings and a sort of living room meets study hall setup.  The lobby is both a venue and a bar where people either have coffee from the front coffee shop (only open til 8) or mixed drinks from the bar in the back.  Some people are there to socialize.  Some are there for the shows that happen every night in the lobby around 10pm.  Others are there to study, with their Macs out on the study-hall desks and hipster glasses pushed to the ends of their nose.

Our room is on the 11th floor which is almost the top.  We asked for something simple and quiet which granted us the very back corner.  I love it!  The room has tons of windows, natural light, and a great view of surrounding buildings.  The minute we walked in, Stark had to exclaim how this place was made just for me.  A small radio was playing the local, NPR Jazz station as we arrived.  The room refrigerator is hidden within a portable studio cabinet and the desk featured a stack of unique, local New York City magazines on art, food, and music.  Really with how exhausted we were, this place could have been a Motel 6 in Queens and we would have slept like a rock, but I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.  The room is inexpensive (for New York) and located on the lower end of Midtown close to EVERYTHING we want to see and do but away from traffic and tourists.  The streets are quiet (for New York) and our nights are spent wearing matching hoodie-like robes.

Tonight I think we are going to try to catch the show in the lobby – DJ Lady DM.  All lobby shows are free to guests.  Oh and just a little FYI, for anyone wanting to stay here you have to request your record player or an acoustic guitar for your room.  Check out for more info!





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