A week in San Francisco

Well I have an hour to kill in the OAK airport and what better to do than update a blog I have somehow come to easily disregard if not for any other reason than to keep my mind off Asian fast food which is about all you can get in this terminal.

Stark and I got here on Monday morning for the RSA 2013 conference and some work. I had planned to have lunch with old coworkers and a lunch with my friend at Marketo and yet another lunch with a current coworker that I’ve never properly met. But alas, SF never makes getting together easy on anyone who doesn’t live within that 7 mile radius of a city.

I still love the city none the less and without necessarily planning on it, I walked the seven mile stretch of it again all in one afternoon. This time I went in the opposite direction.

Monday we settled in somewhat with attitude as the Marriott Marquee is a not-so-customer- service-oriented place to stay. I did have a fantastic veggie burger though and I made what is possibly the greatest discovery of our traveling life – an app. This is an app like no other. This is Eat24. Out of time and starving only five minutes after the entire city seemed to close with the desire to have something on the cheap, it was after having every idea turn to a “we just closed” and a shut door that we returned to our hotel mad about the idea of overpriced food service. But quick google searches saved out lives as I soon discovered Eat24 – an app for 24 hour restaurants that deliver. You have no idea the drug like bliss the two of us felt as we sat in bed less than an hour later eating Chinese and watching our beloved HGTV.

Tuesday I spent the majority of my day working from the Yerba Buena Gardens before meeting Stark back at the hotel and venturing to one of our favorite places, Millennials – a vegan, fine dining restaurant. After Millennials we grabbed a cable car from the end of Powell and rode it to Ghirardeli square, just because. Then we returned to our remaining, day old Chinese with equal amounts of satisfaction for a good night.

Wednesday we ventured to the Pier 1 Market for Blue Bottle coffee and breakfast. Stark found a waffle and some sort of cinnamon sugar concoction while I had a single oyster for breakfast which was weird and delightful. After this adventure Stark went to his conference and I ventured to Alamo Square to see The Painted Ladies which was about a two mile walk through beautiful Victorian townhouses and those San Francisco hills. Stopping only briefly to enjoy the park and view, I continued up and down any street that seemed interesting as I zig zagged to the top of Golden Gate Park where I ventured right to the flower conservatory, left to the Japanese gardens and tea room, and even further left for forest hiking, hidden hollows and a handful of lakes. About 7 miles later as the sun was setting, I reached my destination – the windmill at the sea. I was sore, tired and suddenly freezing to the point of exhaustive emotions. I spent only minutes enjoying the sun as it melted into the cold Pacific before I hailed a cab and left from a Safeway grocery store on the wrong side of town.

That night we had dinner with coworkers which was fun. The pizza was to die for and after four hours if walking/hiking I’m surprised I only had three pieces. I slept hard that night and woke early for Thursday.

Thursday wasn’t too drastic in way of adventures. Stark had a hurt knee and I still had shin splints from the day before. So we relaxed. I wanted to spend some time in the sun after work and instead, we fell asleep after lunch at Buckhorns (yum! We need one of those!). After a nap we grabbed coffee and French pastries to energize us through the remaining evening. At 7 we had reservations at a place I carefully picked out. Neither of us had been there. It was a well rated, somewhat close by seafood restraint called Hyde Street Seafood and Raw Bar. We were the first to arrive in this small, quiet secret spot. The food was unique, healthy and absolutely fantastic. We laughed through the evening and spoiled ourselves a bit before returning home.

Today was our last day and mostly all we did was grab lunch and spend two hours lying in the sun at the park before grabbing our bags and heading for the airport. The time was well spent. I read while Stark made some phone calls. The weather was almost too hot at only 59 degrees, not quite even the high for the day. The locals still wore jackets while Stark and I were down to rolling up our sleeves and taking off our socks and shoes. To us Utahans, 59 is almost unbearable in March even if it comes welcomed.

I’m excited to go home and unwind this weekend just in time for one of my very best friends to visit, Noah. Until then… Ciao for now.



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