F is for Feelings & February!

February had it’s ups and downs.  In February I started yet another “you can do it!” round of daily workout regimens in which I was trying to burn 3,500 a week just through working out.  As a result I injured my shoulder repeatedly trying to stay on schedule and I completely fell off the bandwagon for a couple of weeks.  While most people were making Valentine’s plans, I was subjecting myself to a determined round of before and after photos comparing then to a year earlier and determined to look entirely different in as little as a month.  Well, I didn’t.  The difference between February 13 and March 13 is barely visible although I do feel I am in a bitter place.

Valentine’s Day was definitely a perk though.  Although Stark was in the midst of 5 totally random root canals which kept us from some of my celebration plans (it was my year to plan), we still had a memorable night and a lot of fun.  Stark surprised me the afternoon of Valentine’s Day with a unique bouquet of flowers from our local floral shop.  He chose the flowers himself and made sure to get flowers that would last for weeks.  I loved it!  We displayed the flowers in the middle of our dining room table with our Valentine’s Day cards from Stark’s parents and a card I made for Stark.

I presented Stark his Valentine’s Day card with a simple gift of his favorite candy (Frogs) and some Mountain Dew.  The two each had a small note on them.  The Frogs simply stated, “Never a frog, always my prince!” on them while the Mountain Dews had “Dew” statements.  The more innocent statement was a note that said, “Thanks for all you Dew.”  I’ll leave your imagination to the rest! 😉

I thought for weeks about what I might to do V-Day.  I researched local favorites, recommendations, the newest restaurants, anyone with an OpenTable reservation and none of it seemed right.  I didn’t want to be one of those people who planned an entire date around what I would enjoy rather than making the date special to Stark.  In the end, I thought my plan was the most brilliant and witty thing I had ever come up with.  I was so excited.  But then Stark GUESSED what I was doing right down to the fine print.

All in all, it’s ok that he guessed it because it made getting out of the house to coordinate the surprise much easier.  For Valentine’s Day we stayed home with some Arctic Circle to go.  But this wasn’t just any Arctic Circle.  I designed a full 7 course meal out of the Arctic Circle menu and presented each just as a coursed meal would present them – drizzled mustard sauce and fancy designs.  For dessert we had our favorite cookies from Ruby Snap.  The entire night was delicious although it was cut short with Stark’s pain medication and a need to just relax.  Not following suit with plans didn’t bug me at all.  Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to do something for each other when in reality, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day on any day.

The only other thing I have to report for February is that we spent the last five days in San Francisco – my favorite U.S. city and Stark’s least favorite.  I found it somewhat entertaining as he insisted (along with other locals) that people in San Francisco are jerks but almost everywhere we went together someone was very kind to us.  At first I would point it out, jokingly, until the end of the week I didn’t even have to say anything.  It was all just fun and games.

Stark was in San Francisco for a tech conference and I came along in hopes of meeting up with some old and current coworkers.  But everyone cancelled on me which is fairly typical for San Francisco.  It is not an easy city to get together in without a car since most people I know don’t actually live downtown.

Spending that week in San Francisco was beautiful, however!  The weather was perfect.  I tried to spend every day working in the sun.  I spent lots of time reading.  I even took a day to walk/hike more than 10 miles from our hotel to the very end of Golden Gate Park.  By the time I reached the opposite end of the peninsula I felt like I could cry my feet hurt so badly.  It seemed appropriate to celebrate this beautiful city by seeing as much of it as I could, on foot, seeing as the last time we were there it was the first real walk I had taken after being on bed rest sans broken tibia.  So this time I walked the opposite stretch and nearly twice the length – enjoying some green tea and miso soup at the Japanese Gardens, taking photos of amazing townhomes including the Painted Ladies, and stopping only when I reached the sunset over the ocean.  I was amazed at the $27 cab ride home.  Even my cab driver was surprised that someone had walked so far.

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