Vo-vo volunteering.


This morning I volunteered with the Salt Lake Community Writing Center at the Downtown Farmer’s Market and it was a lot of fun seeing all the people and the dozens of dogs pass by all afternoon! It was a treat to talk to people throughout the morning about writing opportunities and this time I put on my marketing thinking cap and brought flyers for my Graffiti Writers class. I was happy to get rid of them all and pleasantly surprised that mostly teenagers and young adults took interest in my class. As I sat talking to Paul (the marketing guy at the CWC) most of the time, we talked about how cool it would be if my group mentor class developed into a teenager/young adult class. I would be completely ok with that! I think I would have a lot of fun working with a young crowd. I even talked to Paul about the idea of developing a Sci Fi related group course or workshop in the future, for adults. I think it would be very cool to get all the freaks and geeks out of the woodworks.

Stark came to visit me towards the start of my shift and was sweet enough to bring me a juice from the Blue Star food cart for my volunteer shift and on his honey-do adventure he ran into Bry and Sarah who came to see me as well. The three of them were able to commiserate with the fact that our booth was next to the Humane Society booth and how hard it was to not want to take them all home! That’s the only good factor of not being able to have any animals in our building or else we might have a dozen of them. I’d like to think I could be practical about it though… Seeing as I never fell for it before knowing that I had to be responsible and stable enough to stay in one place long enough for an animal. But they’re so cute!!! And those faces… Needless to say my heart was breaking all morning long and despite the good we did during our volunteer shift, I was happy to get out of there!


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