September 2013

You know, it only dawned on me recently that I hadn’t made an update for September yet.  Somehow the entire month got away from me as if it never even happened.  Now, in the last half of October, I still want to write September as the date to everything.  The second half of the year really races by.

September was so many things.

September was Oktoberfest at Snowbird for 3 or 4 weekends in a row – starting out the first weekend with old friends – Jaimal and DH who joined Shaun, Stark, and I for the celebratory brats.

September was also the Greek Festival which we were smart to attend on a Thursday night and happy to convince Scotty X and his family to join us.  Jaimal came out again as well and a great night was had by all!

September we bought ourselves a “love fern” to add more greenery to the house and we visited the local farmers market on the Tuesday’s after my Graffiti Writers writing group – stocking up on cases of berries every time.

September was learning to cook Julie Child’s Madelines for Stark, who really wanted some good, authentic treats.

September was celebrating what would have been my Mom’s 69th birthday by having Siegfried’s and black forest cake.

September was my last Graffiti Writers class with co-mentor, Dave who quit on me.  It was also my first attempt at getting back to writing projects – ignoring the book, for now, to complete a handful of short stories for submission to at least three different anthologies.

September was meeting Winston – Jeff’s new, adorable pup!

September was National Yoga Month and also the first official Utah State Yoga Day started by We Are Yoga owner, Jami Larson (my favorite teacher ever).  Stark and I celebrated with hundreds of other yogis by practicing a quick vinyasa at the Utah State Capital.

And finally, September was a week long trip (Sunday through Friday) to New York City where Stark and I had lunch with my old Sony bosses, visited the MOMA (to see VanGogh, Pollock, Warhol, Dali, Frida, etc.), shared a fine dinner at Serendipity and listened to people play Beetle’s songs at Strawberry Fields.

Like many months before and many months to come, September was a fantastic time!


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