October 2013

What an eventful month October was!  Everything about October was great except that it was jam packed with just enough things to make the entire month seem like only a moment in time. 

At the start of October, Stark and I were in New York City.  We spent five days there on a business trip that thankfully wasn’t too busy.  So Stark and I had a lot of adventures and I didn’t have to be alone the majority of the time.  We had lunch with my Sony bosses and said hi to a handful of old Sony coworkers that are now doing awesome in their respective positions running the music industry as we know it today.  I’m proud of them.

October was also the sad, official closing of the Beehive Tea Room.  The owner officially filed bankruptcy and therefore had a sale of everything that once decorated her little Hong Kong tea house.  Stark and I managed to get away with a handful of dishes, a tea infuser, and an old french press for about a quarter per item!  It was a steal, but I had a hard time not standing in the corner crying as I watched people pick apart what once was our favorite getaway.

Believe it or not, despite all my monthly reports of traveling, October was the only month that Stark officially took time off work and we took a week to ourselves to be as off the grid as I could possibly be.  I did my best to disconnect, but being a freelance contractor essentially means I never just get to clock out for good.  I did most of the work I had to do on the tail ends of the trip – day one and the day we returned home.  It wasn’t a bad gig at all.  We were lucky that the National Parks were reopened here just in time for us to go on a short getaway to the South – visiting a number of parks that we had never visited together and creating new memories just for the two of us.  I was especially proud that at the start of our short trip I went in for a two month check up with my specialist who tweaked some things for me and essentially told me I was well on my way to living at least as a portion of my former self.  Yet, by the end of the week after five days straight of hiking, Stark and I did a 7.8 mile hike in about 2 – 2 1/2 hours.  I had no idea the length of the hike or I may not have even started it.  I just kept going and at times, we were running.  We hiked.  We climbed.  We jumped.  We scrambled.  But I proved to myself that in many ways I am healthier than I have ever been before.  Although in some ways I’ll only live as a portion of my full potential, in this respect I have exceeded what I ever thought I could do!  I think it’s important to keep that in mind on those days that I feel are impossible.

So October was a time to revisit old friends, think of the future, say goodbye to part of our past, and pave a way for a whole new reality.  In many ways October was a very important month although there was little to report. 

The month was ended with a week long celebration of Stark’s birthday.  We had a really nice dinner together one night, a small get together with close friends on his actual birthday, and the standard family celebration on the Sunday after his birthday.  I knew there was nothing I could give him or say that would truly express how grateful I am to pass through the years, together.  I remember nothing but the best of times.  I am continually floored by the fact that they can continue to get better when, from the start, it was already more than I had ever imagined it could be.  So for his birthday I decided I had to make him something.  There’s absolutely nothing I could buy.  For months both of us have looked high and low for the perfect Sigur Ros poster or album cover to put in a large, 12 x 12 shadowbox that we bought to display his signed drum stick and ticket from the show we traveled so far to see in Arles, France just barely over a year ago.  But that was it.  The answer was right in front of me.  It could be nothing that already existed, it had to be us.  At first I thought I would paint something although I am no real artist.  So I began putting together an idea of what it might look like by piecing together elements from our night in Arles, France on photoshop.  It only took a moment of brainstorming the elements before I realized that a digital piece would be much better than anything I could do by artistic hand.  So I called in one of my very best, long time friends – Natalie.  She’s one of the most creative people I know and a wonderful graphic artist.  She could take what I had outlined and make it look more natural.  She did this with ease!  It was her idea that I would do the writing rather than finding a font that might seem appropriate.  So I practiced writing Sigur Ros, the date, and Arles, France over and over to get the perfect looking type that still had a hint of being my own work.  It all came together just in time and the weekend before Stark’s birthday, we printed this amazing 12 x 12 art piece on a piece of linen cloth that I had bought while Stark and I were in NYC.  The project was complete and I have never been more excited to give him something that describes in it’s effort only a smidgen of what I’d be willing to do, if I could, to make every day as celebratory and happy as a birthday might be.  He is my one and only and my family.  I love him more than words could ever say!Image

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