Monday 2.0

Monday 2.0Are you ever sailing through Monday 2.0 (because let’s face it, Tuesday isn’t really a thing) and find yourself propelled by an ADD-centric technology loop where you’re doing one thing that reminds you of another thing that leads back to what you’re originally working on and then reminds you of something else that relates?  Yea… Monday 2.0.

It’s not really that much to do considering I have all day tomorrow as well, it’s just a matter of dealing with the “Now! Now! Now!” coming from within.  There’s always one sure way of slowing things down – to write.

I’m not overwhelmed so much as I am excited to get things done.  For most of a year I have been stressing the need for a Marketing/Sales combined contact strategy with one of my clients.  We are finally on the same page and after a bit of updating, today is the first day that I get to truly brainstorm and implement a variety of workflows.  At the same time, I’m excited to be meeting with my new partners in crime here in the web dev and marketing world.  I almost can’t wait to dig into a new challenge and be a part of a team that I can both share with and learn from.  But that’s not all!  The deadline is looming for the Teens Write anthology – a yearly publication put together that includes both teens and mentors.  I have managed to get my mentee on board to meet the deadline, but I’ve gone overboard!  I have to cut my word count in half (ya… 5,000+ words is kind of a book intro and not so much a short story).

I’m hoping to do all of this and more throughout today alone!  Two cups of coffee and one small PBJ sandwich into the day, it’s enough fuel to keep on keeping on. It’s an afternoon of contact strategizing, web updating, blog writing, and meetings before an evening of volunteering and hair dye (that’s a new combo!).  Somewhere in there it’s probably best I block out a few hours to create a music marketing portfolio.  Oh ya, did I mention meeting with Sony on Thursday?  Only a few hours after a red eye flight, I’ll be rubbing my own tired eyes for some mid morning meetings (ahhh alliteration, always exceptionally awesome).

For now, I’ll just thank my computer keyboard for allowing me the chance to restart my mind before getting crazy with my Urgent & Important task list.  Until next time…

Dallymayr Classic Coffee This post has been brought to you by my favorite German roast, Dallymayr Classic Coffee from the #Coffice of Caz. Are You With Caz*?

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