Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells on Broadway.

Book of Mormon on Broadway

Book of Mormon on Broadway

Back at the hotel, two hours of sleep and only a coffee for sustenance was starting to kick in as I waited for Stark to be done working for the day.  By the time we were able to grab a quick bite at a local cheese sandwich shop, this one day had felt like a week.  But there’s nothing like seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway to help keep you awake and in good spirit.

Opening with a Mormon inside joke poking fun at the Manti and Hill Camaroha pageants, I was already laughing out loud.  But as the scenery changed from ancient times to modern day Salt Lake City, it seemed incredibly strange to be seeing a Broadway show in New York City about the city I came from.  It was even more strange to see that our house was part of the stage backdrop.  I almost felt as though I had fallen asleep and this was all just a crazy dream.

I found the musical to be most comical.  There are elements that are most obviously South Park related all the way down to the crab people dancing during the “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” song and Jesus having the same voice as Cartman.  I wondered, honestly, how many active Mormons would even get the two-sided element to a Broadway show that, to me, was meant to be pure comedy and not so much known for it’s “converting power.”  In the end, as someone who has grown up Mormon inside and outside of Salt Lake City as well as seen my fair share of South Park episodes, I have no idea how anyone would claim this Broadway show to be a “strong felt message” that has “helped convert the masses.”  It seems, to me, that is just another one of those Mormon rumors much like the, “Ohhhh do you know who’s taking the discussions? Miley Cyrus [or any other random celebrity name]!”  I can, however, see that it would spark people’s curiosity.  I wouldn’t’ say they’d be ready to convert after a show like that, but I have no doubt that people are certainly perusing more than ever.

The next day would really take the cake, however.  Friday night would be the big Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden.

Read more about the Billy Joel concert here…

Book of Mormon on Broadway


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