When I Was 16

The door to my own seemed to float open without a sound as I sensed her shadow standing in the doorway. She was quiet for a moment before attempting to give me a lecture. Regarding what? It didn’t matter. She was my Mom and I was just a kid. There was no one in the world I loved more than my Mom, and as a teenage girl, there was no one in the world I fought more with. Ignoring her was just part of a game between teenagers and their parents long before I ever came up with it.

Her attempt to lecture quickly faded to more of a plea and then a silent defeat as she stood for only a moment before saying, “Goodnight.” Seeing her leave ever so slowly from my peripheral vision, I said nothing. I continued to stare blindly into the light of the computer screen and gave little regard to the way she had just given up. There’s always tomorrow. By then I can say I’m sorry.
As far as I was concerned, I had escaped. I remained stiff, teeth-gritting until she paused for just a moment, staring towards me before shutting my door.

“I love you,” she said…

Excerpt from “When I Was 16” – a short story of mine that will be published in the Teens Write anthology this April (2014).


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