If you could be a character from a book who would it be and why?

Someone asked me that a few weeks ago as somewhat of a writing prompt and then asked me to take five minutes to write it out. I thought I’d share.

As a young girl, I wanted most to be like Jo from Little Women.  I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Mom that encouraged my wild imagination, so we worked out a system where she would let me in the attic and close the drop down later behind me.  In the far corner, over air vents and by a dusty window, I gathered old, orange wool blankets together and sat in an unwanted rocking chair.  I would sort through forgotten paperbacks and read stories that, to me, were far above my reading level at the time.  When I was too hot or getting cold, I would use the cordless phone to beep my Mom.  In a time before widespread cell phone use, this was all I could do to indicate I was done.  These days solidified my wonderment and desire with becoming a writer some day.


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