I’m the type of person that has to have everything in order before I can get my day started.  I’m a bit meticulous about it – somewhere between the lines of being totally ADD and a bit autistic about my rituals.  If forced to sit at a messy desk for too long or start a project before all the dishes in the house are clean, I WILL throw a fit.  The sound of the washing machine buzzing gets somewhat of a SQUIRREL! reaction out of me, mid-project, mid-sentence, and ultimately pressing as the cause of an early mid-life crisis.  That’s why I enjoy days where working from my laptop is plausible and a change of scenery is flat out required!  From miles away, the look of dirty dishes, the pile on my desk, and the sound of buzzing machines no longer taunt me, pushing through my scheduled work day to steal hours of my life!

Why am I complaining about it?  Well, I’m not really.  You see, this is just another one of my rituals.  When faced with a full day of blog writing for a variety of businesses scattered across the web, this is a bit of warm up for me and a total zen.  This is my ohm to the start of my to-do list and an oh-yea to what’s going on in my head other than a rolodex of daily tasks.  So can I just tell you, in this moment, I’m incredibly excited about my life?

I have been on a day to day roller coaster for a short while now.  I don’t really know where it has come from other than to speculate the simple fact that everything in my life comes down to quality of sleep.  I’ve been sleeping less.  A lot less.  So life comes with incredibly high highs and desperately low lows.  But I think I have my lowest lows figured out where the light at the end of that tunnel seems to be very clear.  That alone puts me back on a rise!  Then I get the chance to get away, put in a full day of work, get to know some new people, work on new projects, and end a day feeling exhilarated by possibility and accomplishment.  Coming from someone who spends much of her time digging up newfangled ways for getting an extra energy boost, I think it is safe to admit that the energy that comes from one’s own accomplishments and sense of excitement, is greater than any green tea boosted concoction out there!

I was soaring with that kind of energy when I arrived home at around 6:30 last night to find Stark busy with some household handy work, which was somehow even more endearing.  It gave me an absolute sense of “home” as I arrived at the front door.  After a long day of work and a battle of traffic, being “home” is more than just arriving at an address.  I had everything I needed as I stumbled through the door and dropped all my things on the counter.  I had the energy to make a big dinner, despite a long day; the energy to smoosh in five miles of walking, a spontaneous trip to the movies, and a moment of mindless TV watching.  To anyone else, that sounds fairly normal and a bit like the lazy relief of having arrived somewhere that has no pressing deadlines.  For me, if my day were any less complete, I would have crawled through the door, snapped at the first person to speak, and laid down to a marathon of mindless channel flipping.

Feeling accomplished comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is a choice.  I could have taken the complete opposite point of view and been worn by a 9 hour day and 2 1/2 hours of traffic.  I could have capitalized on how much I loathe traveling beyond the line that line that marks “South” for the city.  I could have felt as though I were starting over all again rather than moving up the chain of command.  But I didn’t.  I had fun with my day.  I enjoyed being challenged for my time even if the day wasn’t yet challenging to my career.  I was motivated by having eaten right all day – being smart enough to take only a protein shake with me to work and far enough away to not be compelled by the refrigerator back home.  I was happy to have a short chit chat with my Dad, talking about the best of times between us and wondering if we can salvage something similar before him and his wife are called on a mission and our lives may forever take us our separate ways.  I think one thing that stands out as a pillar of yesterday’s motivation is one, simple email.  “Hi Caz, I sent your information over to the hiring manager for the Manager of International Digital Marketing role.  I will certainly let you know if anything further is required.  All the best…”

Upon receiving that short message, the only thing I could type was all caps expletives to Stark that would be sure to pry his attention from his own busy day so that I could simply say, “I’m being considered.”

In all realms of life and all types of relationships, those three words are some of the most powerful and motivating words.  When I think about the times in my life where I have done my best, gone the farthest, and handled the most, I can immediately point out who it was in my life at that time that kept me pumped up enough to brace new challenges and push through any boundary.  Propelled by love and kindness of all levels, I can honestly say there is nothing I am more grateful for.  I think it is safe to say that anyone who has fueled that fire for me, knows who they are or who they have been.  My best friends.  My family.  My greatest inspirations.  Even without saying outright, “You can do it,” on challenges I most often keep to myself, the acknowledgement of any small thing is greater than any cliche sense of “You can…”  These few, great people in my life have been, at times, what I wake up for in the morning, and likewise, they have been the drive behind my greatest breakthroughs.  From pushing out a draft of a full book in just a few weeks to remapping a lifetime of emotional truth, nothing for me would truly have been possible without the consideration of others.  The irony of this post is, I originally thought I was going to rant about the fine line between consideration and doing something FOR others.  But that will be for another day.

Now to crank out some professional blog posts…

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