When in Peru.

Lazy mornings naturally lead to lazy afternoons, at least as far as we define lazy.

Stark and I walked to the ocean after we left the hotel this morning and there, looking over the cliffs, we saw a couple piers down below and only one, far off road leading down. So naturally, we had to go to there.

After a long walk and many drivers honking in what we thought was a concern for our safety and later guessed was an indication of changing lanes, we made it to Coasta Verde for grilled octopus, Andean corn, sea bass ceviche, and a little Blanc de Blanc. We knew the food had to be good because no one in the entire restaurante spoke any English. We muddled through my distant memory of Spanish until we came to a mutual understanding of how to order.


A long walk back up the hill on cobblestone-like steps, we thought we might go back to the hotel when I insisted we at least travel home in a new direction which led us to the Miraflores mall.

We wandered through every cliff-side level before grabbing uno grande cappuccino y Havana blanco cacao.

Now it was time for a proper nap!

Our evening was much the same. We walked the cliff side and sat on a bench in a park filled with local couples enjoying the sounds of the ocean. But we were much more entertained by the sound of a group of local teenagers playing through an entire Green Day anthology on an acoustic guitar while singing out loud. We sang along from our bench and left just in time for them to start into the Ramones. Good kids, I say!

Nearly 8pm, it was time to stand at the doors of Central – number 15 in the top 100 places to eat in the world. We had no reservations so we knew it was a stretch. Being the first ones there, they seemed happy to at least seat is at the bar where the menu was minimal but still an amazing array of local tapas dishes – from whipped potatoes and pig skin to chili rubbed avocado served on the side of sushi grade sea bass.

Muy muy bien! Uno dias finito. Mi Espaniol es asi asi.

Hasta mañana.





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