It’s Official…

As if I wasn’t already behind on my own blog writing, article posting, to-do completing, blah blah blah… I decided to start writing another book today.

But this time is different.

Last time I wrote a book just to see if I could do 50,000+ words about one subject.  In truth, it was a 50,000 word vent.  In hindsight OF COURSE I could write 50,000 words on the subject.  I could probably write 250,000 more just based on life since Draft 1.  Still, some writing needs to marinate.  That book will take time.  It needs to sit.  In fact, it needs to stew and fester a bit.  If anything, it’ll be that next great American novel (heh!) published after I’m dead and gone.  

Like almost anything I talk about, I’m going to be vague here.  This creative non-fiction novel is one of the best ideas I have had.  But that’s not what makes it different.  What makes it different this time is how I’m diving in.  I have no time.  I’m incredibly distracted.  And, I’m usually overcome with anxiety for having had things on my to-do list that went more than one day before being completed.  That’s life!  Why not start the living now?

So I went all in.  I bought the domain.  I titled the book.  I reserved the blog.  I have sketched a marketing plan for the big day when… 12-18 months from now… I will self publish this novel!

For those of you reading this, start prepping your, “I knew her when…” stories.


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