One of those Universe things.

More than a handful of people (I suppose, that’s assuming I could even hold more than one person in my hand) have told me I should blog about moving to Australia.  

On Monday, as I said goodbye to some of my cousins, we joked about starting a newsletter.  It was a tongue-in-cheek idea.  I wasn’t entirely joking, but the thought of it was more than hilarious.  

Yesterday, a coworker and friend of mine, Kate said I should blog about it.  My sister, Julie says I should blog about it.  And when I vented my need to be blogging via Twitter (@areyouwithcaz) last night, Kandice and I spent many tweets relating over blogging woes.  

For example, I tend to stop blogging when I get behind no a subject or event that I really wanted to blog about.  Mentally, I refuse to move on to the next big event in my life until I’ve written about the last.  In this case, I have a GoPro video of hiking The Narrows at Zions sitting on a computer somewhere, untouched because to be honest… I don’t even know where it is.  That was overdue blog moment #1.  Then, quickly after that trip Stark and I ventured to South America where I started off strong with blogging and then said to myself, “I’m going to write a short travel novelette instead…” so I started taking notes and quit writing blogs with the intention of doing something grand when we returned home.  

Back then, I thought I had all the time in the world.  I was spanning a short distance between jobs and not quite busy enough with the one client I had just taken on.  So writing short books seemed like a novel idea!  (Ahhhh, see what I did there?)  I was, after all, stuck in a hotel room in Seattle for a week by myself.  What more could I possibly have to do?  

On the contrary, that first week back in the States, I was super busy and that was the week that this whole idea about moving first popped up as a potential new chapter in the history book of our lives.

To be honest, when Stark walked through the hotel room door, loosening his dress shirt as he half announced, half asked, “Wanna move to Australia?” I thought it was kind of a joke.  It wasn’t the first time he had asked.  A year ago down to the very same meeting, he had asked and then followed up with, “Maybe in a few years…”

We had always planned to retire together in New Zealand and if we were going to have a family at all, we would have one outside of the United States.  Over the last year, that idea kicked me into a sort of “act as if” mode about things.  I think it was the combination of the idea that we might want to have a family some day and my turning 30 this last January.  I knew that if that would even be an option, that I would need to jump on board with a 5 year plan and start working with some clients or for a company that would help take me across the world.  Within a month of that opportunistic 3-0, I set aside my new found need for wrinkle creams and actually sat down and did some application work.  

The rest is history as they say.  Stark wasn’t joking and still, my answer of, “Sure!  I’ll go anywhere with you,” wouldn’t have been any different if I had known right off the bat that he was serious.

He went through the process of thinking about it, interviewing over it, and thinking about it some more.  Then things started moving in that direction and the idea of leaving all our stuff behind seemed natural.  

Of course it all comes to a head.  I start a brand new job as a 5 year plan to get me somewhere either in Europe or Australia and in the exact same week that I start said new job, Stark finds out about this can’t-pass-it-up opportunity with his.  I keep telling people, “It’s one of those Universe things, ya know.  You put it out there and you get what it is you really want.  You have to be careful about those sort of things.  I’m not complaining!  But, I had no idea it would be NOW.”

Anyway, that’s how it all begins.  I’ll leave more stories for later.


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