Flying “Home” to Sydney.

1:33AM MST

It’s always weird to be eating dinner at 1:30 in the morning, my time. Still, the endless seeming food and drink that comes with International First Class is pretty much what I look forward to each time we go on a grand vacay.


Second best part about International flying, unlimited free movies including brand new releases that are still in theater back home.

I tried to go to bed as late as possible. The best way of adjusting such drastic time difference is all in how you hang on the plane. So I told myself there would be no falling asleep until 3AM back home, 4 or 5 hours past my usual sleeping time especially after only 3 hours of sleep the night before. That translates to 7PM in Oz.

I barely made it to that 3AM mark and was out after that. The tossing and turning was minimal, but of course, after I started blinking my eyes awake around 9:30 in the morning, trying to force one more hour, I found the perfect, most comfortable position just to be forced out of my sky bed by that inevitable ivegottapee morning alarm. It was worth the late night cap of peppermint tea with dessert, however.

Sometimes I think that 8 hour sleep mark works like an insanely well manufactured internal clock. It can’t be adjusted! With hours left to go, it was a consideration on whether to pull out my carry on or plug in for a movie.

I guess this is where I should explain how the night before, just before falling asleep, we switched seats with two other Business Class sky sleepers because the six middle beds in the front cabin all had television problems. There’s nothing more disappointing than the food and/or tv being bad on such a long flight! Poor Stark had already suffered through room temperature Chardonnay and I struggled with the surprise that my chicken wasn’t boneless (insert #firstworldproblems meme here). Stark wasn’t even tired, and the idea of no movies wasn’t exactly pleasing.

The only way the two of us could still sit back to back so we were as close to sleeping next to each other as planes can allow, meant that I would be switching with a nice gentleman who also had a broken television. But, I was going to sleep anyway and I thought if I would find myself bored in the morning then I would just bother Stark to switch with me. Now was that moment.

Instead of forcing a seat switch, I found my raveled up pair of earphones and precariously perched myself over the seat divider, hovering over Starks sleepy head while I slowly switched out his headphone jack with mine. Then I felt around for the button that would release the individual tv. Based on the twisted half back bend position I was in, trying not to lean my old stitches scar on the divider all while keeping my left leg straight out in my sky bed as not to bend, pull, or otherwise bust open my new set of stitches, pushing that small metal button suddenly became the most intense core workout I have had in a long time!

But alas, it opened! The tv popped out only a few inches and with one last, shaking push from my abs to the tips of my fingers I flung it open as far as I could get it to go.

It wasn’t perfect but it was the best I could do. I chose How To Train Your Dragon 2 from the home screen and settled in sideways, holding my chest wound with one hand and cradling my stitched up leg with the other as to relieve all the weird, throbbing pressure that occurs when engaging in a short workout at over 35,000 feet.

I was only half an hour in to the movie when Stark sleepy rolled over and unknowingly pushed the wall remote with his knee, fast forwarding and turning the volume all the way down simultaneously. I tried to be sly in my attempt to remove his knee from the remote. As I tried to eject the remote from the wall so I could revive my movie volume, he looked up half awake and you could tell he was confused as to why his tv was open. So he kicked it half way shut.

Now for morning workout number 2…

All in all, the movie was a tear jerker and everything about watching it was a comedy in and of itself.

Breakfast came just in time. Two cups of morning coffee, all my fruit, my tomato, my sausage, and my frittata… And of course half of Stark’s too (no one ever argues that I don’t eat), we are in our hour long decent down to this new, foreign land for the kind of adventure you can’t assume about or prepare for.

To me, it is that one reality that made this decision for me when we first were presented with the idea of moving, just about two months ago. The opportunity to start so fresh with life that you have absolutely no ideas as to how things might be – what might hurt you, what might scare you, what might change your life for good – is everything a new day brings us, yet not something easily digested by our unhealthy bouts with human nature. This is unnatural. This is the very definition of “taking a leap.” So in the words of a very great man, “To live, would be an awfully big adventure.” – Robin Williams


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