So Behind.

You would think being a full day ahead everyone else in the world would lend to a certain advantage in being ahead of everything in life.  And, to some degree that is true.  Monday’s here in Oz are fantastic!  While everyone back in the States is enjoying their Sunday of rest, I’m blazing through my to-do list like it is on fire.  I get more done in one, silent, long-winded Monday of work than I do the rest of the week.  That is probably for no other reason than the rest of the week I am struggling with those remaining “big rocks” on the to-do list while receiving lots of urgent requests.  It is the lack of emailing and urgent requests on a Monday that make it now my favorite day of the work week rather than the most feared.  But, not everything about being ahead in time lends to this kind of time-saving.

Getting situated into making our house into a comforting, familiar space where we can both relax has taken a great deal of effort so far.  In 10 days of furniture picking, moving from our temp apartment to our new home, and gathering necessities from the far corners of the city – I walked a near 100 miles.  I slept hardly better than I have been for no other reason than the little amount of time I could lend to crashing before needing to be awake once more.  As a result, my body has caved in to a strange and overwhelming exhaustion so far this week.

It is a relief, however, to have everything we’ve gone for delivered so far.  We have a lovely couch with gigantic ottoman that lends to awesome nights of relieving super-cuddling in front of our new television that works, for now, but we aren’t entirely sure of its permanent home yet.

Most of our shelves are still empty except for the display shelves that Stark has so carefully displayed some of our favorite pieces from the adventures we have shared over the years.  Save for a few mostly unnoticeable nicks, everything survived well.

From the same place we ordered our couch, we managed to get a unique, tiny kitchen table, our dishes, and a television stand we need to swap out for a more functional one.

Swapping things out has proved to be the most difficult battle of moving in so far.  While having something delivered in large orders is completely worthwhile, when something goes wrong with just one item – paying to have it picked up and redelivered is not really worth it.  While we have yet to brave wrong-side-of-the-road again to swap out the TV stand, we have successfully ventured 40 minutes outside of the city on the train, carrying a large coffee maker in hand to swap out for a more legit one.  We’ve become pros at carrying large items through town and I think we’re starting to be recognized around our neighborhood as “those people that are always in a hurry or carrying a bunch of bags.”  Yea…

We tried winding down for some massages late Friday and while they were good, something about it just wasn’t the same and it was almost easy to forget we even spent that time relaxing or enjoying a night out in Mosman.  After Stark has so willingly built a house full of frustrating furniture, starting with my office first (he knows what I like!), we have yet to really find that niche routine that will allow us to come down to European levels of laziness in our down time.  Thursday through Sunday, everyone in North Shore Sydney seems to be having a picnic, laying out, going for a run, and enjoying some fine Australian coffee.  We’re almost there…

In fact, proof that we are almost there comes with how we ditched some household efforts this weekend to attend our first legit Australian Barbie with friends we have made through Stark’s new job.  Lamb, pork, and a variety of tasty sausages combined with good people and great conversation.  It was nice to stay out, laughing and discussing so many different subjects with new people.

Other fun things to note:

  • We were caught in our first real Aussie downpour yesterday which just so happened to be the one day we left the house without umbrella in hand.  We were soaked and our Subway dinner and bags of groceries hardly survived.
  • We also managed to attend the equivalent of the Super Bowl here in Australian to support the Rabbitohss in their first Rugby Final win in 43 years.  Of course Russell Crowe was there… again.  Have I mentioned that the jackets for the Rabbitohs resemble a Sons of Anarchy biker emblem saying “Sons of Glory” instead?  I guess you have to be a SOA fan to realize the irony, considering the biker gang that show is centered on is based on Sam Crowe.

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