Life is catching someone smiling at you and realizing you should look up more often.

Life is never getting sick of the things you love… or the people.

Life is architecture.

Life is gloomy weather.

Life is discovering how it exists outside of yourself and if you’d ever be willing to create one.

Life is both crushing and exhilarating.

Life is finding just enough of the things you love to always have something to do and never need someplace to go.

Life is television.

Life is investing more in your bed and your couch then you do in your fine china.

Life is dedicating more of your budget to taking care of yourself and traveling than you ever need for emergencies.

Life is comfort food.

Life is mistakes.

Life is learning not to sweat the small stuff.

Life is a miracle.

Life is an adventure.

Life is struggling to remember something that obviously doesn’t matter.

Life is going around in circles and still managing to end up someplace new.

Life is sharing.

Life is laughter.

Life is knowing when someone needs a simple ‘Hello.’

Life is long hiking trails.

Life is the sound of ocean waves lapping against a beach.

Life is noticing the birds before the traffic.

Life is enjoying the variety.

Life is dramatic.

Life should be taken seriously without ever being too serious.

Life is knowing something you can’t explain.

Life is knowing every sunset is different.

Life is adding more wrinkles to your face from smiling than wrinkles from worry.

Life is enjoying the change and trusting that this is all leading to somewhere.

Life is remembering when and letting go.

Life is putting it on paper and leaving it in a drawer.

Life is dreaming.

Life is the heart attack you feel from the anxiety of trying something new.

Life is learning to drive a stick or traveling on the opposite side of the road, in the opposite side of the car.

Life is knowing the grass is greener wherever you choose to stand for yourself.

Life is jumping all in to things you’ve never quite been sure of in the past.

Life is loving someone through all the things that made you leave everyone else.

Life is understanding that while relationships take work, love takes no effort.

Life is the epiphany that being loved takes no effort either.

Life is knowing it is all worth it and choosing to make it worthwhile to others.

Life is undefinable.

I have a good life.


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