Kirribilli Walkabout No. 1

I am a creature that thrives on daily habits and set routines. I ebb and flow through tiny successes and minor failures in setting certain goals time and time again. Like, practicing a new language every day; learning something new every month; reading a chapter a day; walking 40+ miles each week. You get my drift….

What I’ve done well with this week? The little things. I leave my office every day by 5:30 and don’t return to my working environment til 8am the next morning. I’ve been drinking a litre of water each day, to start. I’ll have to up that eventually, but a litre is a lot when I’ve mentally trained myself not to drink water in foreign places. I’ve written something every day. I’ve accomplished some big task every day. I’ve woken up on time if not earlier every day.

While “every day” constitutes only three days in, it is one of those journeys that begin with one step.

Like all small goals, these goals have a bigger picture in mind. I want to be happier. I want to be healthier. Ya know, that sort of thing.

You might be able to call me a pathological #30daychalleng -er, but there’s one thing I excel in even more than daily tasks and that’s killing lots of birds with one stone. With that, I’ve added another task to my list – one that assures I walk more, stay mentally engaged, read something, stretch a little, and be grateful for the many tiny things that surround us.

Introducing the daily #walkabout! In an effort to #getbackthatthighgap and get just enough sunshine to defy my inevitable agony, I’ve dedicated to a ninephotoaday exploration. As a result, I’ll get to know my neighbourhood and I’ll be better about regular, interesting updates for the few people that still read this thing (Hello? /crickets).

So here is the collage for today:


Left to right, top to bottom…

1. Not only is this a stunning reality, knowing the Sydney Harbour bridge looms over our quaint neighbourhood, but that little white house in the corner is the old grounds keep quarters for what still exists today as The Admiral’s House. So basically, the “President” lives just down the street from us when in town.

2. This would be one of many reserves and our neighborhood marina for those small water crafts like sea kayaks and paddle boards. In the distance is one of many Harbour islands I have yet to learn about.

3. In the forefront and background of this picture you’ll see a lot of traditional style housing here in the Sydney area. These are townhomes. Here they are called terrace homes. In Europe they’re often referred to as row homes. You get the idea. But, a Sydney townhouse is commonly adorned with large marble looking steps and Victorian looking fencing.

4. The water seems purple here against the moss. This is a reserve closest to our house – the very same you can take a sea kayak too. There are many little nooks like this throughout the harbour that have benches situated in every possible corner. On sunny afternoons free of work (basically Thursday through Sunday) these benches will be filled with book readers, resting exercisers, families, and picnic parties.

5. Hey there! This is a super sweet cat I met on my walk. Currently, our place doesn’t allow pets but the building rules say they can’t reasonably ask you to not have pets. So, with the owner’s permission, we may get a cat or dog in the future. It would certainly be nice for me when Stark is travel binging.

6. One street up from us and just in front of the Kirribilli House is this spectacular view of the bay between Kirribilli and Cremourne. There, far in the distant left corner, was the second big contender for possible places to live.

7. These day lily looking orchids are everywhere!… Including our side yard.

8. You can barely see that the tops of this tree are turning purple. In late October and throughout November (remember, it is Spring here), the Jacaranda trees adorn all of Kirribilli in bright purple, overhanging most every shady street. While everyone back in Utah gets to post amazing autumn photos, at least I get to enjoy my first magical Jacaranda sighting.

9. Speaking of those shady streets, here is a peak into a nearby road – one of many in our neighbourhood that are bustling with greenery.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope these little jaunts give some interesting insight into Life in Oz.


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