Walkabout No. 3: Sydney

Friday was somewhat of a travel day – consisting mostly of wrapping up work for the weekend, gathering our things, and venturing back to life on the North Shore. So there wasn’t much time for a true walkabout as it was dark by the time I could really get out and about.

But alas, I have made up for it with a near 14 kilometre jaunt from a Kirribilli brunch to a late night Noodle Market. Enjoy…


Left to right, top to bottom

1. Surry Hills Punks! What is there to explain? Surry Hills is the hipster area of Sydney that, to me, is most comparable to St. Marks/NYU area of Manhattan. Here you’ll find amazing eats in tiny restaurants that seat only 10 or 15 people in the know about what’s on the menu. I took this picture just after coming across a vinyl record shop.

2. Every other Saturday, Kirribilli has a pop up market complete with musical entertainment and food stands. These Saturday’s tend to be the way we start off our weekends now.

3. Our resident seagull friend that flies in to our front yard every low tide. Today, he went eye to eye with me over a cracker I was eating and when he realised I wasn’t about to let him fly into the house to treat himself to one, he decided to dine on some resident squid. Most days he looks like he catches fresh scallops from just in front of our house.

4. Because Nixon always makes great graffiti. This bit was on the outdoor wall of the record store in Surry Hills.

5. “Hello, I’m deaf!” This sweet puppy was one of so many we saw at the Furry Festival – our initial reason for traveling to Surry Hills for the afternoon. He wore a collar to let others know he was deaf. Something about it just made him that much more of a lady killer. While we don’t have a dog and aren’t in the market for adopting an animal, we wanted to go donate to the shelters, fosters, and adoption agencies putting on this Fury Friendly gig.

6. Just a sign on a building along Crowne Street in Surry Hills – appropriately photographed in honour of my Stark who has named a computer program he has coded after Sark, from Tron.

7. More amazing, purple Jacaranda trees beginning to bloom. Soon, all of Lavender Bay will be consumed.

8. The Westfield tower – one of the greatest viewpoints of all of Sydney, but mostly an easy indicator in this photo that we had a bit of fog roll in. Fog is probably my most favourite “weather.”


1, 2, & 3 Eating is one of the best things about being in a new place. In the first two photos, we are stopping for a quick snack in Surry Hills because a girl sitting at a street side table has the most delicious looking tomatoes and we both wanted some! But of course we had to get a cinnamon banana smoothie as well because why not?

In the third photo, I was surprised at brunch when I ordered an iced coffee and the way they iced it was with scoops of vanilla gelato. I thought that was called an affagato. It was exciting but I probably won’t be doing that again any time soon. It isn’t exactly soothing to my lactose intolerant stomach!

4. We walked from a Surry Hills back up to Hyde Park, where we were meeting friends for dinner. Arriving early, we had some time to walk through and explore a bit.

5. Dinner would be with Annette and her family. We were meeting them for the last night of the Hyde Park Noodle Markets. Walking in to the first entrance we could find, you see this crazy wooden structure set as a Mercedes Benz VIP area.

6. Out of order a bit but more fitting to this collage, this is a late night snap of our walk back home across the Sydney Harbour bridge. I think that is the best part about warm nights. Annette’s husband pointed out that for years of walking across the bridge each day to work, he would think to himself that people travel thousands of miles and spend all their money to visit this bridge. Yet, we practically live under it and get to walk across whenever we’d like.


Just a quick set of photos showing off a delightful night at the Noodle Markets. We shared everything and played it just right so that we could eat almost everything we wanted.

Stark and I shared two sets of dumplings, a box of gyoza, a spiced chicken curry bowl, and a bowl of pho.

I was able to get all six of us in to a table in the CitiCard VIP members area. That’s practically a first! Wherever we go, Stark gets us in to Amex lounges. BUT several countries seem to be MasterCard only countries, especially South of the equator. That’s where it benefits to be long time members of two separate companies.

We sat comfortably and shared a couple bottles of wine among us. It is kind of crazy to me that you can buy a bottle or bring your own to an event here. In the States, but most particularly in Utah, you have to battle unreasonable lines filled with people you don’t want to stand in a line with just to have your ID checked before someone takes $15 for a sloshing cup of something disgusting that you’re likely to spill before you get past the line again and to a place to sit down.

Annette told us that here in the Neutral Bay Area, starting in just a few weeks there will be a local Noodle Market every Friday night and neighbourhood movie events throughout the weeks.

I don’t think we will ever be bored here…

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