Walkabout No. 4: Newtown

Newtown Walkabout

Yesterday (Sunday here), was an unusual day.  Unusual, in a good way!  Rather than going to brunch, I made brunch just the same as you’d find anywhere else – fresh bakery bread, tomatoes, avocados, and poached egg.  It was delicious!

Stark and I sat on our porch for a long time, watching the boats go by until my niece texted me to see if I was ready to watch a movie.  We planned a long distance movie night together to celebrate her 17th birthday.  The movie of choice?  Captain America 2!  You see, my niece is pretty much the coolest, most talented girl you could ever know and that includes being a Superhero expert!!!  Captain America 2 is one of her favs and I had never seen it. I mean, let’s face it, Captain America himself just isn’t my type – all hoo-hah ‘Merica and all.  But, H really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to these sort of things.

We timed our feeds just right and chatted throughout the entire movie.  “I’ve got to get me one of those.” and “Forget a shield, I want wings!” and “If you could be a Superhero what would your power be?” were among our totally awesome conversation lines.  We had a lot of fun, but it was late for her by the time the movie ended (11pm her time), so we promised to have a video chat later.

For us?  It was late afternoon.  We had one thing on the calendar for the day and it was only going on for two more hours.  While I didn’t expect to go to the Sip n’ Savour event – a craft beer and cider event to put an end to Craft Beer Week (part of Sydney’s bigger Good Food Month), I did at least want to walk there.  I needed the excuse to get out and get some real exercise!  So we were out the door fairly quickly to catch the next train.  We always manage to leave our house with only 13 or 14 minutes to catch a train that takes a swift 20 minute walk to get to.  Somehow, we always manage to make it – pushing past people to the top of the stairs and panting when we realize we still have a minute to spare.

Off to Redfern and walking over to Newtown, we visited the Carriageworks building which was very, very cool!  It was by an old railway station and used for gosh knows what when trains used to actually come to this warehouse.  We had only 45 minutes before the end of the event when we arrived, and in good, Sydney fashion, the guy hooked us up (which really, you had to be there to know how appropriate that is as the guy actually had a hook prosthetic) with $10 tickets when the initial price was $45.

We sipped.  We savored.  We enjoyed some chips.  Check out some of these other enjoyable moments of the day in Walkabout No. 4

1.  My favorite cider of the event Custard & Co (www.hopsandcraft.com).  Out of all three, I would have to say the Vintage was the very best.

2.  The event had many barrels and buckets setup as seats throughout this old, tagged-up warehouse

3. We briefly met a very talented homeless guy singing a folk song at this corner where the wall has painted, “40,00 years is a long, long time… 40,000 years still on my mind…”

4. Walking home from Redfern, we came across The Illustrated Man tattoo shop.  This was really exciting to me because I had just referred to this book by Ray Bradbury as possibly the subconscious reason why tattoos seemed like a great idea to me as a teenager.

5. Old bathtubs for rose gardens truly fit into this quirky, forgotten area of Sydney.  Nobody goes to Redfern.  As they say, it is “too dodgey there.”

6.  What better way to decorate for local hipsters than to include an old American truck?

7. I really should include a bigger photo of this.  Just before watching our movie with my niece, there was a sailboat race in front of our house.  The race was very exciting… especially when multiple sailboats lost wind control and nearly crashed into our retaining wall.  This was one of those scrambling moments of complete fear for a sailboat that just missed us!

8.  Yarn bombing is everywhere around here and I think it is great!

9.  This is the outside of the Carriageworks building.  Didn’t I tell you it was cool?

The highlight of the event ended up being the headlining band, Husky, standing on top of some crates to belt out an acoustic version of Leonard Cohen’s Lover Lover Lover.  Because uploading videos is not currently working for me (stupid phone!), you can watch another version of them singing it here…


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