The “Errands” Walkabout

Life isn’t always that interesting but when you’re in a different country from most people you know, even the tiny things are of interest. So I didn’t feel too bad when all I could share today was – life, in action.

Our internet hasn’t been working for a week now, so I have been on house arrest waiting for those classic 5 hour windows for service guys to show up when they’d like.

The funny thing is how much further errands will take you. So here’s a look around the house and around town.


Left to right, top to bottom.

1. Trash day! Yea. Or even more importantly, recycling. Moving in means a lot of boxes. But interesting fact – here, they don’t recycle plastic bags. Expect random walkabout photos of things I find as I walk a box full of plastic wrap and bags to the grocery stores to stuff their plastic bag recycling bins.

2. The appropriately named Venetian building. This is life on the water. All the apartment complexes down here on Waruda have a unique look and are right up against the harbour. I think I’m partial to the Venetian and the Brooklyn.

3. Lolli shops here are filled mostly with gummy candy bins, but this is also pretty much the only way you’re going to find those sugary cereals many Americans are so used to – from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Fruit Loops. IMO, it makes sense. They are candy. But in some of these lolli shops you’ll also find other not so sweet things you can’t find anywhere else – like Tabasco sauce.

4. My explosive kitchen in mid attempt to make Stark a dozen cinnamon rolls as part of his birthday week.

5. So, I threw away the first batch and was far too tired to throw out the second when I realised all too late that eggs here are nearly 1/3 the size of a typical American egg because they’re not packed with hormones to make them unnaturally large. Plus, the recipe I have is one of those recipes where the cook wrote it all down from memory. The memory? So very wrong. I’ll have to find the perfect recipe. That usually happens by taking 3 or 5 and putting them together.

6. Looking for my keys as I walked up to our building, I didn’t see this guy hanging out under the stoop until his tail nearly smacked me while escaping to the tree. Look really closely and you can see his cute, big eyes. We agreed to be friends so long as he doesn’t sneak into my house.

More later!


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