Walkabout No. 5: Neutral Bay


Today – which was actually yesterday but is technically “today” for most people I know – was another busy day of to-do lists and calendar reminders. But, while just as hurried, the routes of today’s to-dos were far prettier.

Left to right, top to bottom.

1. Stark was on a phone call when I started snapping and pointing at this sort of cross between a penguin and a pelican. This little sea bird fishes in front of our house. It dives and goes so deep it is out of sight. It spends what seems like minutes underwater before it comes up and flails it’s feathers out like this – drying them in the sun and wind.

2. Wedding cars here in Australia often have various coloured ribbons in a V shape across the hood of the car like this. I love that they so often use old cars. Our part of town seems to have one of these every day. Everyone wants to get married with our view. They’re there despite any wind or weather.

3. Overhanging flowers that symbolise more of spring around here, but for me, the colours are more reminiscent of my dear sweet missed Fall.

4. So many routes throughout the city include these little Park escapes. These are just some of the benefits of not buying a car.

5. This was part of the bows of a gigantic tree in the park. I have no idea what it is but it seemed exotic to me. I suppose everything seems exotic when you come from the States or Europe. So much of those areas seem known and typical when it comes to foods or plants.

6. Magnolia time! I haven’t had the luxury of living near huge Magnolia trees since I was young and growing up in North Carolina. Each year my mom would have me smile for the camera and pose for yet another school-picturesque photo with the Dogwoods and Magnolias. I caught up this early bloomer in someone’s yard, but soon, our gigantic Magnolia to will have its time.

7. Around our area, all the power boxes have these amazing cityscape paintings. The one closest to us has sort of a wherethewildthingsare version of Batman on it. I think they are pretty awesome.

8. I couldn’t resist this walkabout photo. I haven’t seen the original version of the Mac tower, back in the day of Skittles and Gummy Class (fun names for other Mac models), in such a long time! It’s too bad I have such an aversion to unessesary junk because I totally would take this vintage icon home otherwise. Like many cities through the world, this comes to you courtesy of donation days where everyone puts out used items for anyone to pick up before the dump does.

9. I couldn’t resist. Even with a car driving directly at me for the sake of a quick photo, I couldn’t resist the iconic Kirribilli photo. It’s moments like these that make me go, “I live here!”

Thanks for taking a moment to spend another day seeing the world through my eyes.

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