Cars and Coffee Mostly

IMG_0424.JPG Thankfully I did a lot of walking around mid week last week because I didn’t end up feeling well all weekend and my explorations were limited. We did have a bit of excitement Saturday when we meet C&J at Luna Park for a Hallowscream themed evening. But I didn’t take my phone and therefore don’t have too many exciting photos for the night. I tried to take some with Stark’s phone but transferring from one phone to the next doesn’t suit my weekend laziness very well. It’s true. I didn’t feel well so I didn’t do much. Lazy was the common theme including sleeping until 2 in the afternoon on Sunday. I think I was a teenager last time I did that! Ok. Not really. But it has been years. The sleep was obviously needed. That’s where these photographic adventures begin. Left to right, top to bottom 1. Walking across the bridge is probably one of my favourite parts of living in Sydney so I walked Stark to The Rocks last night before venturing back on my own. I tried to take different side streets on my way to the Harbour. It was amazing really. The buildings are old and you can hear the boats honking at each other in the distance. Somewhere in the background, someone was playing a saxophone. Then someone was sitting on a street corner jamming out hardcore music on their headphones so loud that I could almost recognise the singer through the grumbling noise. Only a few steps further and you could hear a rooftop party happening. It was no doubt a post-Melbourne Cup party. That’s another thing about yesterday. Yesterday was the Melbourne Cup which is a horse race that stops most of the country from working. In fact, it is an actual holiday in Melbourne where everyone has work off. So most women on the streets looked like they were on their way to church in the South where the most important accessory for Sunday is the ridiculousness of your hat. Everything about it just made me smile and reminded me how now that I’m starting to feel better, I just need to get out again. 2. All afternoon Saturday, I worked to prepare FIVE different pulled pork and chicken recipes for my first ever Sous Vide cooking adventure. Everything would cook for about 27 hours in prep for the perfect Austin GP Formula 1 meal. By Sunday evening, we could eat this greatness and watch qualifying. But we had to wait until Monday here to see the race. No one complained about eating BBQ two days in a row, however. It was that good! 3. The Milson’s Point ferry stop at sunset. It seems like weeks since we last took the ferry. Walking the bridge has just been too lovely on these summer nights to bother with a ferry ride from Circular Quay. Ferries are some of the easiest ways of getting around up here on the North Shore. One of these days we will grab a ferry to a State Park and enjoy a day at the beach. 4. Although I have never actually seen a dog there, we have a sort of dog themed city Park that lies between us and the North Sydney CBD. I thought it was amusing that someone propped a stick in the mouth of this little dog statue. This statue sits on top of a fountain with many different spouts at varying height to allow your puppy a quick drink in the hot Australian sun (and it is hot!!!). 5. I don’t even bother correcting anyone that wants to spell my name with a K. Spell it however you want to in order to pronounce it right. Besides, Kaz is less likely to autocorrect to Chaz. When I walked Stark to The Rocks last night, I semi jokingly said something about holiday flavours at Starbucks. With some pride, we can actually say we haven’t had a Starbucks since we were in Hawaii in August, but there is something that screams I’M AN AMERICAN about a Starbucks cup around here. Plus the holiday flavours are really comforting when missing the holiday feel of this time of year. It is odd to admit how comforting it actually was to order a cup from someone that understood American coffee ordering lingo and he had a flat, boring American accent just like me! I almost wanted to give him a hug. Walking home with my warm cup of familiar Christmas joy really topped off my night and set me on track to go home and finish my projects. In fact, I was on a roll yesterday I managed to restart an entire Web design from scratch and finish 90% of it before bed while still managing to leave enough time to continue organising my story and begin writing my second full-length book. 6. We have managed to stop eating out so much now that we have a kitchen and a basic understanding of what groceries are available around here. But having lunch together every now and then is a perk of both having such flexible schedules. Knowing we are about to spend most of a month apart, it is nice to take a break for some Nando’s – only the best chicken sandwich you’ll find from South Africa to South America to Australia. 7. Can you tell we haven’t decided what to do with all our space yet? There’s no rush. But I had to take a traditional photo of us watching the Formula 1 race. Obviously my boy Hamilton won, duh. 8. Coffee is a staple of Sydney culture so whenever we go somewhere new, ordering is an adventure. Although we have managed to find some of the worst coffee in this Mecca of amazing roasts. While this coffee was good, the “Spanish Latte” wasn’t quite what I expected. 9. Too bright to see in but this is our local foreign auto shop and show floor filled with restored Porsches and old diesel engine Mercedes. Love it!

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