The City Walkabout

Yesterday I had some posters to hang, getting back to my roots as a street marketer so I ventured across the bridge, while chatting with my brother in the phone, toward the NSW State Library. It’s nice to be at a point where I don’t have to look up where I am going or the best way to get to some places. I was just out on business, walking to be walking and exploring things I hadn’t yet explored.

I decided the state library is easily my favourite city spot – surrounded by the different parks and appropriately located on Shakespeare Street.

Although I spent a lot of time there, I couldn’t just so there. I had to make it to Surry Hills to flyer their community centre and library, in an attempt to get more stay at home mom’s and college students to sign up as Australian writers for

The walk was fairly adventurous and the distance made for a more interesting walkabout collage. So here we go

Left to right, top to bottom.


1. They’ve changed the art surrounding our previously visited Record Store there in Surry Hills. No more angered Nixon on the wall.

2. If you walk across the bridge and just keep going you’ll find a couple of these murals displaying what the area used to look like in various years.

3. Too backlit to tell, the foreground of this photo is a huge fountain in Hyde Park, surrounded by students studying and couples cuddling in the sunshine. But the cityscape isn’t a bad view either.

4. The photos are out of order but hey, it keeps it interesting. On the way back from the far side of Surry Hills, I had (keyword: HAD) to stop at Lindt to buy a small collection of Christmas chocolates to devour one at a time between now and New Years! I’m a dark chocolate peppermint addict but it has to be JUST right and paired with crisp Christmas Coke. While here, I rested my painful knees a bit and read a music magazine I picked up from a bar doorstep somewhere along my path. And I enjoyed a rich mocha Latte because such a long walk certainly deserves somewhat of a calorie splurge. Of course, calories here are called kilojoules. Don’t ask.

5. Sydney has many rec centres and aqua centres – thus being one of them. Below this artistic, fountain adorned walkway is an Olympic sized swimming pool and several indoor sports courts. You can stand above and watch people play and practice through huge windows.

6. Truly the weirdest and kitchiest place I’ve ever seen. This place really kind of describes the Darling/Surry area in one crazed store.

7. The sign is as cool as the place and as peaceful too. You’ll definitely get guaranteed peace and quiet here.

8. Some wow moments from looking up on my walk. This is the hall there behind the Circular Quay area, surrounded by sky scrapers.

9. Just beyond the skyscrapers is Hyde Park – combined with the Botanical gardens and Domain, it is like the Central Park of Sydney. And here on College Street, by the aqua centre and just up from the state library is one of the prettiest downtown churches.

Life is swell. 🙂

2 responses to “The City Walkabout

  1. I seriously cannot wait to come visit you guys. Sydney seems like such a gorgeous, eclectic city. I hope you guys are having the time of your lives. I know drastic moves could be overwhelming, at least they would be for me.

    • It really is a great city. It has all the charm, comforts, and in-your-face city life qualities of New York; the weather of San Francisco; the surrounding outdoor activities and winding Bays and rivers of Seattle, and the art and fashion of a world-class city all while still holding onto the qualities of being a major International city. We will go on a dumpling tour when you get here because it really is more of an art than a food!

      We are having a wonderful time! Just the same, we haven’t been able to explore too far or do too much out of everyday-living-ordinaries. We settled into our first, temporary place and then spent a month gathering the necessities for our still not entirely complete and more permanent living space. But in the meantime, as Stark started a new job technically, he’s had face to face time with pretty much every team member and customer. So he’s in the office 3-5 days a week, traveling at least once a week, and has spent two weeks in Singapore and New Zealand already. We look forward to coming home in January, when the world has slowed to a pace that we can keep in time with hopefully for years to come!

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