Change all the things.

I recently started waking up earlier – something I can honestly say has been far from a personal motive now for most of ten years.  It is just one of those things where I can honestly say to myself, “I can do anything I put my mind to…. except that.”  But, I’ve been doing it.  Summer months make that sort of thing easier and being on the bottom of the world during this time of year means the sun eases me into being awake just before 7am – the time I have vowed to start work most mornings.

I was up early every day and working hard the entire time I was in the United States, despite time zone changes and everything!  I was able to jump right into that schedule because I spent the first 10 days at each of my sister’s houses where their children sleep and wake by strict schedules that almost make you miss school days (but not quite).  So, I thought I would take advantage of coming back home this direction – where waking up super early seems natural as you jet lag your way into what stands as normal living for most people.  Spending most of my first week home getting up early enough to put in my time at work and then spend an entire afternoon hosting new, touristy adventures with my friend Jan who was visiting us over the new year, I was sold on the concept of early to rise.  I started day dreaming about working from 7 to 3 and spending the rest of my day reading by our community pool, walking, running, writing… all the things!

This is the point where you assume you know where this is going.  For most people, working from home isn’t motivating enough to pull your ass out of bed at such an ungodly hour – greeted by the sun or otherwise.  Getting up by 7?  Ya, that’s one thing.  Being at your desk working by 7?  That is entirely another thing.  But no, I’ve done it.  By the schedule I have set myself – 8:30am Mondays (because let’s face it, it is Sunday back home and nobody needs me), 7am Tuesday through Thursday, 8am Friday.  I’ve done it.  I’ve been doing it.  It hasn’t always been hard other than those three days my body was determined to make me sick enough to at least catch up on all that jet lagging I forgot to do.

So what happened to all that pool side day dreaming and actually being on time to things marked by my personal calendar – like my weekly writing group at the Nerd Cave?  Where did all that go? Well…

Without necessarily doing it on purpose, I have continued from that hard working December straight into the 10-14 hour work days of 2015.  I start my day at 7 and the earliest I have ended that day since… is 6:30-something.  [Insert long sigh here]

I enjoy my job.  I love my job in fact.  I’m challenged by it; motivated by it.  It is great.  But man is the start of this year busy.  By my own doing, it is busy.  We doubled our team size.  I stepped into a team management role.  And we did all this at the exact same time that I started a major CRM migration, designing dozens of landing pages, training on the new platform, and drafting out the most intense drip marketing campaign you could ever imagine.  Oh but don’t forget that I also took on the additional role of a complete website redesign after proving I could do it all by completely redesigning one of our sister-websites and taking on the full administrative duties of our blog.  Oh but wait!  That’s fun too.  So incase you doubted my ability to juggle, I’ve also been working on a complete blog migration with a colleague who has a full time job of his own doing lots of things that I don’t tell him to do!

Change all the thingsWith the new year comes new goals, lots of reporting, team stuff, personal stuff, goals goals goals, meetings, and all manner of upgrades and instant changes.  I can’t even imagine what it is like for the VPs and C-level managers who are taking on even more changes company-wide, let alone the floodgates I have so proudly unleashed since joining the Marketing team.

And I am.  I’m proud of it.  I think it is great or I certainly wouldn’t be up early to do any of it.  I went from having maybe once a week phone calls to have 2-3 meetings every morning.  It is the stuff importance is made of and I know with changes comes a lot of front end management that turns into a pretty ok day-to-day effort down the road.  For now however, CHANGE ALL THE THINGS!


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