How Technology Like The Apple Watch Changes Your SEO Strategy

Everyone is talking about the Apple Watch as if Apple’s announcement on the watch was really even anything new.  The difference?  We get to see them using it.  Cue: Oooooo Ahhhhhh!  I thought I would jump in on the conversation earlier this week and post a little history lesson on how technology like the Apple Watch changes the way we search online.

Here’s a little excerpt from the post:

In recent years we’ve met Siri and a thousand other Android-enabled mobile concierge services.  In that same time, search engines like Google have improved the way they can show and tell websites to the blind or hard of hearing community – factors that are easily overlooked when considering the functionality and design of a website.  Just like iTunes being released long before the iPod, these almost unrecognizable moments in technology advancement have been cobblestones to what major companies – like Apple and Google – consider the way of the future.

You can read the original post on LinkedIn, or if you don’t actively use LinkedIn, you can find the post here.  Either way, please join in the conversation about it by commenting on these posts or tweeting me about it!


2 responses to “How Technology Like The Apple Watch Changes Your SEO Strategy

    • But they do include search functions and maps. Plus, we can anticipate that a certain level of “browsing” will be added in the future. When you consider the first iPhone, it didn’t even send photo messages. In fact, it was years before that was even possible despite the fact that other phones had been doing it for years beforehand. Preparing for that anticipation is key. Besides, the Apple Watch isn’t the only watch out there. Similar to smart phones that predated the iPhone, these other watches do allow things the Apple Watch doesn’t intend to initially allow.

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