My Biggest Pet Peeve of all Time: Stop Calling Me!


customer-supportLike many professionals – when I work, I’m working; when I play, I’m playing. I often multitask, and I am most certainly busy doing something other than hovering over my phone or computer. When I have the chance, I choose to disconnect. Entirely! These are just some of the reasons why I throw out a quick email or pop up a chat window when I have a question about my cell phone bill or how late the local Chinese Buffet is open.

Once I write and send that email I move on to something else. I am entirely engaged in the next phase of a project or packing up my things, on my way to that coveted land of disconnect. All too often, this is the moment my phone begins to vibrate across my desk, blaring an unknown number.

The truth is, I know it is likely going to be that doctor I just emailed for results or that hair salon calling to make the appointment that I thought I had just made. I KNOW who it is. That doesn’t mean I am going to answer it just so I can forget everything I am doing and lose momentum in my work. Truth be told, I never answer it.

Plain and simple, I have one rule that I live by as a marketing professional: Contact is what contact does. Tweet This

With over 7,500 views on LinkedIn, the rest of this article has brought on some heated discussion. Read the remaining article I wrote here.


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