A 30 Day Journey To Mastering Some Lazy Health Tactics

When I first started this post, I thought I would be giving just a few tips to some friends or family members that often ask me about going against my age and genetics to still be somewhat model-thin and still eat so much food!Then, I wrote a book.  Practically.  Only about 1/2 way complete with my explanations, I’m already over 5,500 words into a post when most blogs work around the 1000 word mark.  So I thought, why not make this a thing?

That’s why I invite you to join me for 30 days of mastering healthy habits while still being lazy.  True story!

So here we go…

Not always with the nicest reactions, I often get a mix of being asked why I am so skinny or accused of being too skinny.  Either way, it winds up in the same realm of, “How do you do it?”  Sometimes people cry.  Mostly, people get mad.  Either way, I’ve been thinking about it because I know exactly how that moment feels when you think you just can’t fix the inevitable.  I know what it is like to bounce between hating yourself and perusing the internet for answers on why your body isn’t doing anything you expect it to.  I know that when you put Google to the test, you’ll find a lot of the same rinse-and-repeat results about health.

So, first things first, I am in no way a doctor or even a health specialist of any kind.  You cannot sue me because I said so.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m going to talk about my own experiences and what works for me.  To me, this is the real deal brought to you by my own mental comparison of a variety of my own discoveries.  And to be even more clear, these are habits.  As habits, you should spend the rest of your life doing these things.  However, don’t let that be daunting.  I’m sure you’ve already read about 170 articles that all warn you about starting fad diets and tell you to stay within the realm of what you can consistently do.  Yet, no one tells you exactly what you should do with your life.  Most articles exist primarily as some form of promotion for some stupid health bar or some kind of personal trainer.

Now, let’s get started.

My Story

For starters, let’s knock those of you who think I have absolutely nothing to say on this subject and realize that sometimes the skinny people are even more unhealthy than those who appear overweight.  Whether your 100 pounds or feel like-a-million pounds, your body fat percentage can red line.

I was my biggest circa 2004 or something.  Not only did I enter a life of double digit sizes and a bra that could have been mistaken as some kind of butt-shaped swing, I was also going down hill fast with my health, my relationships, my school, and my career.  All these things link together!

After that, I fluctuated so drastically that I have no doubt people assumed I was on something to lose the weight over and over again, but in truth, I kept losing weight over stress and then gaining back even more when life seemed pretty ok.  I wasn’t even in an era of my life where I really noticed myself as anything other than hot stuff, so when I started changing my habits it had a lot more to do with the consistency I needed in my life and the overall desire to stop being sick all of the time!

Since that era, I have realized what these habits do for me, and I have fine tuned them to work into a reasonable list of things I can do with my life every single day!  As a result?  I get to say I made it past all kinds of anxieties, depressions, life stressors, health problems, my heaviest weight, my lowest weight, that 26-year-old spread (hello hips!), and the onset of my 30’s to be able to say this one, vastly important fact: I still own and wear a pair of pants I bought when I was 13.

Yes, 30-something looks far different from my teens, and that 26-year-old spread turned out to be the peak of my attractiveness.  I was skinny-skinny.  I was happy.  I was healthy.  I slept well.  I had less anxiety.  My hair wasn’t falling out.  And where the hell did all that 26-year-old energy come from?  I was a machine!

So I have found myself in a similar place that I find myself time and time again throughout life.  No, I don’t mean comparing myself to previous, intangible versions (although… there is that!), but more so wondering what I’m doing wrong?  That’s what brought me to this list.  I know exactly what I have done right in the past, and therefore, exactly what I’m not doing now that would shed off that final few kilos and bring everything in and up at least an inch.

To be clear, these aren’t suggestions you can pick or choose from.  In my experience, you have to have them all to complete the puzzle.  Just remember, it is doable!  Your life shouldn’t even feel as though it were drastically altered.

Now, let’s get started for real.

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