Day 1 Put it all out in the open – 30 Days of Lazy Health

1. Put it all out in the open

Put your unhealthy food in the crisper and your healthy food all out in the open.  This is part of making healthy foods convenient, and also about becoming less of a wasteful person.  How many times did you throw away those strawberries because of a mold?  Save your money and synch your waistline by rearranging your refrigerator.

Want a look at my fridge?

Let me give you a little walk through.  On the top shelf you’re going to find a box of fresh celery cut for ease-of-use, a large container of pre-shredded lettuce or Asian cabbage, a box of simple wheat bread (no bleach, no honey, just wheat!), two large bottles of water ready for cold drinking, a large bottle of lemon juice, a container of 4-6 pre-cooked chicken breasts, and an ice box with 3 other small portions of meat options (fish, pork, or beef).

On a secondary shelf you’ll find: plain, non-fat greek yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, fresh fruit, hummus, a very small assortment of lunch meats.

Then you’ll find various containers that aren’t for every day use, but mostly stay out of the way like: pickles, olives, artichoke hearts, jalapeños, banana peppers, spaghetti sauce, etc.

My crisper drawers hold any other type of bread alongside any cheese I have.  Here I’ll store fatty lunch meats and drinks.

(continue to the next post or wait for tomorrow to get step 2)

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