Day 2 Learn to love food – 30 Days of Lazy Health

2. Learn to love food

The taste of food -I mean really, the actual food is the best thing you can do for your appetite.  So knock off the sauces!  You should never have thought that ranch was a viable vegetable dip in the first place.  People eat it because it is there.  So guess what?  If it isn’t there, people don’t generally think about it.  Throw out any manner of butter or white sauce you possibly have laying around.  From crisco and alfredo to ranch dips and mayo, you don’t need it!  You never did.   See: step 7 if you think your world will come crashing down without these things.

The funny thing about removing these things from your life is that you’ll quickly realize how much more flavorful your food can be!  These are all bland, butter-based blahness.  Take my step 1 refrigerator example into consideration.  Stock your fridge with dill pickles (seriously, you should know to not buy sweet pickles), banana peppers, pickled jalapenos, realtomato sauce, sugar free cranberry sauce, non-fat plain yogurt, and lemon juice.

Then, sort through your spice cabinet.  See all those bottles that say something other than simply “Dill”?  Box them up and put them far out of sight for only the occasional use.  All of these flavor concoctions are salt this and salt that.  What you really want with your food is taste?  Salt is not making food tasty.  Start exploring your herbs.  Thyme, dill, oregano, corriander, curry, ground chili, ground mustard, pickling spices, paprika — these are all staples of my regular home-cooked meals.

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