Day 3 Understand your cravings – 30 Days of Lazy Health

3. Understand your cravings

If you go too long without eating, without a doubt you’re going to crave sugar.  It doesn’t help that sugary things are pre-boxed, pre-fabbed, and readily available whenever you want them.  You should know, this craving is misleading you.

Hunger comes from a low glycemic level, or simply put, low sugar levels.  By eating well balanced meals, you should experience less hunger.  Likewise, with less hunger, you should have less desire for unhealthy snacks and sugars.

While you should understand the “between the lines” aspect of step 9 (we’ll get there) and not have candy or dessert on regular supply anywhere in your home, you may still have an unrelenting craving for sugar.  Your mind tells you to get a big cup of milk and bake yourself an entire sheet of cookies, but your stomach will actually be more than satisfied with just a taste.  I’m not talking about taking “just one bite” here, that never works.  It isn’t in our nature to take just one bite.  That’s why, deep in a far off unthinkable corner of your house that you never pass by, if you’re going to have sugars at all, have one itty bitty bag of mini candies.  Take advantage of those mini candy bar sales at Halloween and give yourself one gigantic helping that should last you through the entire year.  My personal favorite sweet snack is about as healthy as a chocolate snack could be – crispy mint chocolas.  They’re literally paper thin dark chocolate chips that consist mostly of mint flakes.  That brings me to another great point: mint, is an appetite suppressor.

As you work your way into eating better, you’ll experience other cravings.  I encourage you to look them up!!!!  Any time you crave something that is obviously not healthy (i.e. Chinese food), think about the root of that meal.  Is it sugar?  Is it salt?  This one is easy.  It is salt.  Google, “healthy ways to curb salt cravings” and take care of that craving before you find yourself at the drive through.

For me, I go through odd cravings, especially after moving to Australia and involuntarily sweating out the bad mojo that is American processed food.  I crave eggs.  I don’t always want eggs, but I do understand why I crave them.  Craving eggs is evidence of the drastic decrease in cholesterol found in my food here.  Thankfully eggs is a healthy craving, but not when the source is cholesterol.  That kind of bad cholesterol comes primarily from the yolk.  So, I give myself one egg and I be sure to serve it with a really healthy choice of multigrain bread (no butter!) as a filler to keep me from wanting more and more.

Just the same, I often go through extreme cravings for tomatoes.  I could pop those things all day!  The likely reason behind it?  A lack of iron.  To avoid binging on tomatoes which are high in sugar (even if it is the good kind), I work just one or two tomatoes into every dinner or take an iron supplement.

Love chocolate way too much?  My favorite app for healthy dessert recipes is Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen.

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