A 30 Rock Path To CEO: How To Donaghy When You’re A Lemon

The unspoken lines of my early resume would give you classic Liz Lemon behavior. If you too are a Lemon, the foundations of your career experiences may stand by the same life rules I once had:

  1. Always attend a work party where there is food. Eat two of everything. Tweet This
  2. Helping set up for a pot luck is the best way to get away with the fact that you have never actually brought anything to a pot luck. Again, eat two of everything.Tweet This
  3. End every professional conversation with an awkward moment.Tweet This
  4. Write personal emails to your manager explaining that the reason you were 15 minutes late this morning was because of a terrible dream, horrible breakup, cramps, etc.–and explain in as much detail as possible.Tweet This
  5. Battle all self-doubt by insisting you’re pretty good at this “alone thing” and after all, you completed school entirely on your own with no help from anyone. Ever. Alone is what you do.

To quit a job with no other plans marks the same kind of risk as walking into a boardroom and being able to bet everything on the value of your work.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote on LinkedIn.  Read the rest of this article here.


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