Day 4 Make health convenient – 30 Days of Lazy Health

4. Make health convenient

You can’t always predict a long and hectic day.  The easiest thing to do when you’re hungry, haven’t had a break to eat, and it is getting late – order takeout, go to dinner, or sit down and eat empty calories (like candy or cereal).  Keep a box of multigrain (never white) bread fresh on the top shelf of your refrigerator next to an even larger container of shredded lettuce or cabbage, ready for a quick snack.  Spend one day per week cooking a week’s worth of chicken breasts in your slow cooker or rice cooker.  This is healthier than a pan, anyway.  For us, I do 4 breasts for the entire week.  I throw them in the crock pot at the start of the week with a very, very small amount of chicken broth (we’re talking 1/2 a cup) and a dash of paprika (remember, learn to love your food: stop using sauces, butters, and salts to flavor your food and move toward flavoring with things that grow out of the ground).

Why only 4 breasts for 2 people?  That’s because I also make health convenient by subscribing to a coop.  Back in Utah as well as here in Sydney, I have found a healthy, all-natural, free-range, grass-fed food coop that plans 3 basic meals for you and delivers them each week.  That way, we get variety while still having a few days of the week to explore with our own dishes or get back to some of the things we love most.  Even more importantly, these dishes are measured and calculated both in portion size as well as calorie content.  I don’t have to think about whether I am eating too much!

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