How Not To Hulk Smash Your Content Strategy

Remember the last Avengers film? That key LOL moment when the misfit group of superheroes find themselves backed into a corner, armed with hardly more than just Iron Man’s ego? Yeah, you remember that moment. That is the moment where almost out of nowhere, The Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo–doesn’t he look great in CGI?) turns and announces in green anger: HULK SMASH!

Yup. That’s the good stuff–the stuff movies are made of. More specifically, the movies that we are willing to call our favorites and watch over and over and over again.

hulk_typingWhat does this have to do with your website and your content strategy? Everything.

Ask yourself, what is it about your content (web copy, blog posts, lead generating materials, etc.) that keeps people engaged and coming back for more? What makes them eager for your next big “film” so to speak?

This post was originally written for and is published on the Boostability blog.  To keep reading click here.


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