Day 5 Put Your Food Away – 30 Days of Lazy Health

5. Put Your Food Away

Most of us grew up in a household where we were told to appreciate the food we have, eat everything on our plate, fighting over seconds, or what have you.  As a result?  We’re fat.  Plain and simple.

As your stomach shrinks, you’ll learn to cook less and less.  Until then, I want you to make a habit of taking what you cook, dishing out visually perfect portions for each plate, and then immediately putting the rest in the refrigerator.  Just your own human laziness will keep you from going and warming up more food before giving yourself a due amount of time to perceive your hunger.

Out of sight, out of mind is a tried and true part of life.  This applies to more than just storing your leftovers.  This goes back to step one about putting your healthy food in front of you.  Now, take all your unhealthy foods and put them out of sight entirely.

Take this practice one step further.  When ordering at a restaurant, ask for less.  Don’t be afraid to seem picky.  You may think you’re ordering healthy, but you can still cut your meal by hundreds more calories!  Why?  If you cut your meal’s calories, that means you get to eat A LOT more or have a snack later.  Also, the things you choose to cut are generally things that are so not-right for your body that isn’t even about the calories – it is about the way they change the chemical composition of your body to force you to hold on to “more stuff.”  So get used to saying, “No mayo on anything. No butter on my bread.  No butter on my veges.”  Did you know, just by saying those three small things – you’ve warranted yourself a large glass of soda during your meal out?

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