Day 7 Know Your Options – 30 Days of Lazy Health

7. Know Your Options

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We talked about ditching sauces, but we didn’t talk about your healthy alternatives. No matter what I cook, I cook with only a view flavors, and most people would never guess I use nothing else – vinegar, pepper, lemon juice, fresh tomato sauce, and herbs. Now, when I say vinegar, I most certainly am not talking about that pretty little bottle your friend brought you that’s floating with sprigs and raspberries. Your vinegar bottle should have no other ingredient than vinegar. When I say tomato sauce, I’m not talking about sugar-packed spaghetti sauce. I’m talking about canned, steamed tomatoes! If you’re not canning your own, take the time to read the label. If the can is “Italian” or “Mexican” flavored, you’re buying salt. Go as al a carte tomato sauce as you can!!! Note: This should be the only canned food you even buy and we’ll discuss that later.

Does it seem like too much, too soon? Learn to substitute.

Replace mayonnaise with avocado or non-fat plain yogurt.

Bake with apple sauce in place of oil.

Serve hummus in place of things like ranch.

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