Day 8 Lemon Water Water Water – 30 Days Of Lazy Health

8. Lemon Water Water Water!

With diet changes, you’ll experience bloating. With too many carbs or too much sodium, you’ll experience bloating. With increased activity, you’ll experience pain. The foundation of all these problems are the chemicals in your body that are being released similar to the chemical release you experience after a massage that if you leave unwatered, put you in more pain than you were prior to your massage.

However, I don’t just want you to drink water. I want you to drink lemon water. Lemon water does a few miraculous things. For one, it increases your desire for more because hardly anyone wants to drink water flavored water. Lemon also is a diaretic. Basically, you’re going to pee a lot! That is a good thing. What you might not know is that this incredibly acidic (watch your teeth, use a straw if you have to) fruit is a one-stop source of turning your water into an alkaline source. Almost everything you’re going to eat throughout the day that isn’t fresh, organic stuff, is going to build acid in your body. Acid not only feels bad and makes you sick, acid is a one way street to extreme bloating. So drink lemon water and lots of it!

Want to know more about alkaline foods? Here you go.

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