Day 11 Sharing is caring – 30 Days of Lazy Health

11. Sharing is caring

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Life has occasions, celebrations, events, family gatherings, and all types of excuses for you to not stick to your habits.  This is why it is so important to make these habits a part of your every day life in the sense that you can’t plan a day to cheat or tell yourself, “It is just one night.”  The fact of the matter is, life will already present you with plenty of opportunities to eat too much, drink too much, eat out, or order dessert.  Don’t feel guilty!  I encourage you to celebrate and get involved.  This helps reduce stress which is one of the primary reasons your body will hold on and never let go of those extra pounds you’re consistently trying to lose.  However, you should always know what you’re up against.  If you have a lot of social obligations or are in the midst of a vacation, learn to share.  Remember that is is much easier to dive back into your old, dirty habits than it is to get back on track so practice everything that you know so far.  Are you out to eat this week?  Order one meal to share between you and your sweety.  Order water for yourself.  Share any drink you choose to purchase!

Are you eat to eat and don’t feel like sharing?  I have an answer for that too.  Tell your waitress to hold any chips/bread and not bring them to your table at all.  Order a side salad to start with instead, but ask for no croutons.  Revisit what you learned in step 5 and go ahead and remind them – no butter on your bread or veges, and no mayo on anything.  Substitute chips/fries with something more natural (sans butter!). Now, you can be happily chowing down on a BBQ pork sandwich and you’ve saved yourself so many calories from these incidental snacks restaurants put in front of you, that your body won’t even hate you for it.  Not at that kind of restaurant?  Great!  When you receive your dish, cut the entire thing in half.  Move all the extra stuff to another plate and cover it with a napkin.  Do something to make it gross.  Throw far too much salt on it or poor some of your water across the top.  Do whatever it is you need to do to go “eww” and not eat that extra dose.


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