Day 12 Vegetables are carbs too, ya know – 30 Days of Lazy Health

12. Vegetables are carbs too, ya know

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We have all heard, “Eat your vegetables!”  Many of us try to stick to the rule of covering half your plate with veges.  Not as many of us think about how we prepare those vegetables or what those vegetables mean for our bodies.

Again, I’m going to say – your vegetables don’t need salt or butter.  Used to some flavor?  Pepper your vegetables instead and squeeze on some lemon juice.

Mostly, I want to bring up that not-so-often realized factor that your vegetables are carbs.  They aren’t sugary carbs.  They aren’t big doughy carbs, but they are carbs.  In fact, some of our most favorite vegetables are high in carbs.  That’s precisely why you need to get out of the habit of serving bread rolls, sides of bread, crackers, or anything even remotely similar as part of your dinner.

Stick to the rule of no complex carbs after 3pm – I don’t care when you go to bed!  Regardless of our sleeping schedule, people long before us rose and slept with a circadian rhythm mastered only by sunlight.  Even when you’re working later or staying up until the wee hours of the morning, your body and how often you’re moving around, drastically changes after that sun goes down and you’re not burning enough calories to keep those sugary carbs out of your internal food storage.

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