Day 15 Get busy – 30 Days of Lazy Health

15. Get busy

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While I can be incredibly healthy, none of it really makes me look or feel different if I don’t have something to put all my energy into.  Something that’s hard to realize is that you can’t gain energy without exerting energy.  Chew on that for a minute.

If you sit on the couch all day, you’re going to have no energy to do anything but sit on the couch all day.  If you force yourself out for a daily walk, you’re going to find that you’re easily surpassing that same old block you usually walk around and finding more time to clean the house.  Equal and opposite reactions and all… scientists know their stuff!

If you don’t have a job, get one.  If you don’t need a job, get one.

If you work at home, take all your meetings from a picnic table down the block.  Get a pocket wifi.  That includes those of you who are professional moms.  Don’t think you have daily meetings?  Sure you do.  For every phone call you spend catching up with someone, for every time you help with homework, for every heart-to-heart with your kid, for every church activity you have to attend – walk there!

Walk and talk people. Walk… and… talk.

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