Day 16 Pinch Pennies – 30 Days of Lazy Health

16. Pinch pennies

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Even if you don’t have to cut corners, pinch pennies, or save a few dollars – do it.  It is a visible way of competing with your best self and managing your diet without ever thinking about the word diet.  The unfortunate fact is, if you think too much about your waistline, it isn’t going to go anywhere.  This is part of the stress symptoms we’ll talk about later.

I once ran a budget of only $350 a month to feed 2 grown men and myself each month.  You might think, “Sure, that’s easy when you buy that much ramen,” but that’s not the kind of penny pinching I am talking about here.  Cheaper food generally translates to cheaper nutritional sources.  What I want to portray here is that you can have well balanced meals for little-to-no cost.

Now, at $350 a month eating as much as our appetites ever wanted, we weren’t exactly eating a great variety.  That’s part of what taught me to really use flavors in my cooking.  Almost every night it was chicken and rice, chicken and potatoes, chicken and vegetables.  In order to not feel starving, our meals had to be backed by a really healthy starch.

So now I want you to really try getting outside of counting calories and count dollars instead.  Regardless of how many mouths you’re feeding, cut your food budget in half this week and see what you can do.  Not only is this good for your savings and good for your diet, it is good for the environment!  By cutting your budget, you’ll start reaching to the far corners of your refrigerator and storage to make sure you use everything. That keeps far less food containers and plastic bags out of land fills.  Everything you do counts for something!

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